Serial ADA litigant sues Jeffrey’s Hamburgers

By the Daily Post staff

Jeffrey’s Hamburgers in Menlo Park is the third business in the city to be sued by serial Americans with Disabilities Act litigants in a five-month span.

Last week, Ronny-Marie Wilson, a Sunnyvale resident who uses a wheelchair, filed a lawsuit against the restaurant at 888 El Camino Real.

In the suit Wilson says she went to have lunch at Jeffrey’s on Feb. 9 and had these problems:

• The restroom was blocked by a beaded curtain that she feared would get caught in her wheelchair.

• Many things in the bathroom were too high.

• There was not enough room for her to dine comfortably. •

The path to Jeffrey’s was bumpy.

Wilson, who is represented by San Jose lawyer Tanya Moore, also filed a suit in December against Chef Kwan’s at 630 Menlo Ave.

She has filed 37 ADA suits since 2015.

Quadriplegic attorney Scott Johnson in February filed a suit against the 76 gas station, Menlo Gas, at 275 El Camino. A manager at Jeffrey’s who answered the phone yesterday said he was not aware of the lawsuit but that the restaurant will deal with the complaints.



  1. Can the Post tell us how much these serial ADA litigants when they shakedown a business. Can’t believe our legislators allow these suits to be filed. If you’re handicapped and you’ve got a problem, you need to give the business a chance to fix the problem. If it doesn’t get fixed, then they can sue. But these suits seem like ambushes…for big money.

    • The “problem” is that these sue-happy reprobates have a permanent chip on their shoulder against the world. Nothing will satisfy them short of destroying what other people have built. No amount of “fixing” will change their position, they seek to inflict pain, they are narcissists.

      • @Nick, you are over intellectualizing their motivation. These predator ADA lawyers are only interested in money. This is a way of making a fast buck.

    • Stan it doesn’t matter if you ask the business to fix issues they tell you to “F”off.the max the disabled person gets to keep is $4000.
      the rest goes to the Law Firm. Keep in mind the business is breaking the law and treating the disabled like second class citizens in breaking their civil rights.

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