A local Bay Area Skincare Company Uses the Power of Nature to Deliver Tangible Results to Your Skin

Botanic Organic

Have you ever considered making a switch to using natural skincare products but held back fearing that they just won’t be as effective as the mainstream versions that you’re used to? Botanic Organic’s founder Nancy Newsom had similar expectations when she first began creating her own skincare from organic plant-based oils and herbal extracts. After discovering the many concerning issues around some toxic ingredients contained in most skincare products, Nancy decided to make a switch to something more natural. The intent, she says, was to stop doing harm. There was no expectation for these natural ingredients to out-perform her mainstream brand of skincare but she proved herself wrong.

“After a few months of using my natural blends, my skin became smoother, the visible sun damage diminished, and I had the healthy glow that I had been missing.” Today, Botanic Organic creates a line of natural skincare that uses organic and raw plant-based oils, herbal extracts, essential oils and plant distillates to artisan craft its potent formulations.

Creating products from raw oils is the key to their potency, each oil is unique to its species of plant. Fatty acids are the major component of oils and are the stored sun energy for the plants reproduction. Whole/raw oils also contain non-oily compounds that are plant-specific. These compounds give the oils different colors, tastes, scents and nutritional elements and contain the vitamins, minerals, proteins, waxes, plant sterols, carotenes and antioxidants that make up the healing fraction of oils. By formulating with these potent, raw oils rather than their refined versions that have been stripped of their nutrient values, your skin receives the specific benefits that each oil offers to help repair and balance skin.

Pomegranate & Argan Antioxidant Oil Serum Review
Better than any laser facial treatment!
Breakouts, sun burns, age spots! I’ve solved them ALL with this amazing serum! This is some seriously powerful stuff. My skin looks virtually better than ever before. Even better than when I was in my 20s (and I’m in my mid 40s now.)   Angelika S., Redwood City CA