Palo Alto woman attacked on sidewalk in San Mateo

A 67-year-old Palo Alto woman was the victim of what police say was an unprovoked assault by another woman in San Mateo, and a suspect was arrested last night (Sept. 13), police said.

During the attack, a bystander took a picture of the assailant (above) and the police posted that on social media. At 5 p.m. yesterday, police got a tip saying the attacker could be found in the 2700 block of Hacienda Street.

Sherry Benally, 36, was arrested and booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon (not a firearm) and elder abuse with great bodily injury.

The attack happened Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in the 2600 block of S. El Camino Real, about a half block south of 25th Avenue.

For reasons unknown to cops, the assailant struck the victim and knocked her to the ground. Once on the ground, the perpetrator repeatedly kicked the victim.

The victim was rushed to a hospital for treatment but police said her injuries aren’t life threatening.