PG&E to start charging for power based on time of use

A mailer PG&E is sending its customers to explain their options under the time of use plan.

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March 22, 2021

Daily Post Correspondent

PG&E customers in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties will soon start paying more for electricity used during peak afternoon and evening hours, under a “time of use” rate plan the utility is rolling out this year.

PG&E is introducing the new rate structure across northern and central California, with the plan set to start in Santa Clara County in June and San Mateo County in September.

Under the new rate plan, …

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    • What does this have to do with Gavin Newsom? It’s like Gray Davis all over again and they both didn’t have control over ENERGY.

  1. This is ridiculous! The electricity bill had already got higher since last year!!! We pay for clean energy which is almost 35% of the bill and we don’t even use that energy!!! This is outrageous!

  2. How much more we will have to pay?!!!!Our last bill was 414 dollars!!! Nobody in any other states pay as much as we are here. I have relatives in other states and with babies in the house and twice as much square feet house they pay three times less than we are. What to do? Retirement money you can only stretch so much!!!

  3. Stop voting Blue people!! CA has eroded because too many of yiu don’t understand you think you are doing it to help but you are opening the gates for Democrat overtaxation!

    • Remember when Texas changed their energy grid and then there was that blizzard that happened and left millions of people without heat and energy? Yeah, it’s a blue problem… lolllllll

  4. BLUE voters don’t appreciate the full costs and implications of voting for anyone and any initiative GREEN. Politicians love to sell GREEN but I it is definitely costing you now and is certain to cost you more in the future. The forests weren’t maintained, PGE didn’t maintain the poles and transformers and wires, Californians kept expanding development further into the woods, A few individuals on city councils like Palo Alto’s, on a mission to save everyone, mandate premature sun setting of cheap, efficient technology like natural gas while passing laws that will force massive spending to support EVs, and large scale (expensive) solar and wind nfrastructure and bingo – higher, much higher utility bills.

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