2,600 signs for RV parking ban will cost city $980,000

Measure C took aim at the RVs that are parking on Mountain View's city streets at night. File photo.

By the Daily Post staff

Mountain View Mayor Margaret Abe-Koga told the Post that residents can expect signs enforcing the new voter-approved RV parking ban to pop up on narrow streets as early as spring. And the signs could cost a total of $980,000, according to a city report.

The city’s bitterly debated Measure C passed last month with 57% of the vote and will effectively ban RV parking on hundreds of city streets.

The council will discuss the measure at its meeting Tuesday. The ban applies to about 440 narrow city streets, Abe-Koga said, and 2,600 signs will be needed to cover all areas. The first area that would get the signs is the Monta Loma/Farley/Rock neighborhood, under a proposal going to council on Tuesday.

“The question is which streets do we start with?” Abe-Koga said. “We can’t enforce until we put up the signs. That’s going to take a couple months at least.”

Abe-Koga has supported the measure, but opponents of it say the ban is racist for discriminating against poor people living in RVs, cars and vans, who are disproportionately minorities.

Former Mountain View Mayor Lenny Siegel told the council last month the city could be sued over the ban.


  1. At the same meeting, the City Council will give Live Nation a 50% cut in rent for about $1M and consider deferred rent through the rest of the pandemic. How about delaying
    RV ban’s implementation (and costs) in the same manner and for the same reason (health emergency)?

    • How about NO!
      They are free to go to a RV campground.

      Street parking is for parking, not Street living.

      This is 3 years over due, time to move on RV’s.

      • I think the issue that many of these people are parking where they are because their jobs are nearby. Forcing them to a campground and then having to come back each morning and find parking might not be feasible. I know it’s not ideal, but I prefer to find solutions that keep people employed, especially now.

  2. So why dont they provide an alternative instead. Give them a parking place and charge monthly for it instead of buying signing. What a waste of money!

  3. If you now camp in Mountain View, consider a move to Palo Alto, where you can park in one place for 72 hours and then move your vehicle a few feet in one direction or another and stay parked there for another 72 hours. They have a good storm drain system for dumping sewage. The people are generous with panhandlers and you can easily get three free meals a day. It’s really a paradise for people who don’t want a job and wish to kick back and enjoy life.

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