Avenidas CEO Amy Yotopoulos resigns

Avenidas CEO Amy Yotopoulos announced Friday (Feb. 9) that she is resigning from leading Palo Alto’s senior center.

Yotopoulos is planning to end a seven-year tenure at Avenidas, including three years in charge, in mid-June.

“My decision was prompted by an opportunity for my family to move to the Eastern and Atlantic regions of the country,” Yotopoulos said in a statement.

Vice Mayor Ed Lauing, who is council’s liaison to Avenidas, said there was no behind-the-scenes tension between Yotopoulos and the board.

“She was great. Big hole to fill,” Lauing said.

Avenidas provides classes, social events, transportation and other support to older adults from 450 Bryant St.

The operating budget of Avenidas grew from $4.8 million to $6.4 million under Yotopoulos, Shinseki said.

La Comida, a senior nutrition provider, used to offer free hot lunches at Avenidas. But Avenidas had La Comida leave after a remodel in 2019, and La Comida has been searching for a permanent home in downtown Palo Alto ever since. La Comida is serving lunches on a temporary basis at Avenidas, but the arrangement is not permanent.