Bald eagle crashes into home

A bald eagle checks things out after crashing into the window of a south Palo Alto home. Photo provided by Palo Alto Animal Control.

By the Daily Post staff

A bald eagle crashed into a window of a Palo Alto home and stunned himself, likely while hunting a smaller bird, according to animal control officers.

When the call came in from the Greenmeadow neighborhood last week, animal control officers thought the report was incorrect, and that the bird was likely a hawk or an owl — something more common.

They found the eagle, 4 or 5 years old, recovering in the side yard. He was partially covered in mud from the Baylands.

As Officer Cody Macartney and Officer Kadri Raja-Corrollo approached the eagle with a net, the bird tested his wings and landed on the resident’s grill before flying off into the distance. 

The eagle didn’t seem to be injured, while the window pane of the patio window was shattered.