San Mateo County won’t charge Mike Tyson in airplane fight

Mike Tyson. AP photo.

By the Daily Post staff

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe announced this morning that he will not bring charges against retired pro boxer Mike Tyson over a fight with a passenger on a plane that was waiting to leave San Francisco International Airport back on April 20.

Wagstaffe said his decision was based on the “circumstances surrounding the confrontation.”

“These include the conduct of the victim leading up to the incident, the interaction between Mr. Tyson and the victim, as well as the requests of both the victim and Mr. Tyson that no charges be filed in the case,” the DA said in a written statement.

Video of the confrontation, first released by TMZ, shows Tyson leaning over the back of his seat and repeatedly striking a passenger in the head, drawing blood.

Tyson’s representatives said at the time that the passenger was being aggressive, harassed the boxer and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat on the Jet Blue plane headed for Florida.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputies, who have jurisdiction at the airport, arrived and removed Tyson and the passenger from the flight before it ever took off. The passenger received medical treatment but neither man was arrested.

Tyson, 55, was in San Francisco that day for the annual 420 cannabis festival in Golden Gate Park, where he was promoting his cannabis brand Tyson 2.0, SFGate reported.

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  1. This guy learned an important life-lesson: Be careful who you pester, especially if they are bigger and have facial tattoos.

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