Car thefts up in East Palo Alto, thieves are quick

A steering-wheel lock like this one can deter car theft. Photo from eBay.

Car theft is up in East Palo Alto. Thieves are stealing them at night, and after a quick trip, abandoning them in the city or neighboring cities, according to Police Chief Al Pardini.

Most of the vehicles are stolen at night. Once they’ve reached their destination, the thieves park the stolen vehicles and walking away.

“They’re disposing of the cars so quickly the owner hasn’t even reported it stolen,” Pardini said in a Nov. 17 update to City Council.

Pardini said that many types of vehicles were being stolen, including cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. He said police have made seven arrests so far this year, and about half of vehicles stolen in East Palo Alto during the past 30 days had been recovered.

To prevent vehicle theft, people should lock their cars, avoid keeping A spare key in the car and use a steering-wheel lock.

Pardini also encouraged residents to report unfamiliar vehicles in their neighborhood. For non-emergencies, people can call police at (650) 321-1112.

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