School board candidate Ladomirak takes lead in donations

Jesse Ladomirak

Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto school board candidate Jesse Ladomirak has raised $20,444, including money from incumbent Melissa Baten Caswell who decided not to run again in order to seek a seat on the county board of education.

Ladomirak is a mother of four and a small business owner who wants to give parents more representation on the board.

She is one of six candidates running for three spots on the board.

Baten Caswell donated $200 to Ladomirak. Councilwoman Allison Cormack gave her $500. She also got $100 from Todd Feinberg, a San Jose middle school principal, and $500 from Palo Alto school district teacher Karen Kitayama.

She received several donations from stay-at-home parents including $250 from Julia Moran and $250 from Beth May. Retired residents Robert Fletcher and Laurie Jarrett each donated $1,000.

Incumbents Todd Collins and Jennifer DiBrienza both got donations from other local politicians.

Collins raised $17,573 including $250 from former Mayor Pat Burt, $100 from Councilman Tom DuBois and $100 from former Planning Commissioner Arthur Keller.

DiBrienza has $16,119. She got $400 from Baten Caswell, $500 from Cormack, $100 from Burt, $100 from DuBois and $100 from progressive Mountain View council candidate Alex Nunez. She also received $1,000 from parent Nana Chancellor, $750 from community volunteer Kathryn Howe and $500 from Jennifer Sandell, an administrator at The Girls’ Middle School.

Newcomer Katie Causey, who graduated from Paly in 2012, has raised $8,164. She got a number of donations from progressive politicians. City Human Relations Commissioner and council candidate Steven Lee gave her $174, Planning Commissioner and council candidate Cari Templeton gave her $200, Mountain View Councilman Lucas Ramirez gave her $100, former Councilman Cory Wolbach gave $500 and Nunez gave her $100. Former Paly journalism teacher Esther Wojcicki donated $250.

Candidate Karna Nisewaner has $8,075. Cormack gave her $500 and she donated $5,000 to herself.

Donations filings were not available for candidate Matt Nagle.