City settles with piano teacher over injuries

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By the Daily Post staff

The city of Palo Alto paid $140,000 to a piano teacher who injured her shoulder after she tripped and fell in the Cubberley Community Center parking lot, City Attorney Molly Stump said.

Musa Mdzinarishvili sued the city for $131,160 in June 2016.

Her lawsuit said she could no longer play piano like she used to because of the accident on Feb. 21, 2015.

Palo Alto settled with her in May 2018. Mdzinarishvili stated in her Santa Clara County Superior Court lawsuit that she was attending a performance of the Bayer Ballet Academy when she tripped and fell over an unmarked and poorly lit concrete parking marker, the suit said.

She got a four-inch cut above her left eyebrow, bruised her right knee and fractured her left shoulder. Mdzinarishvili has since had surgery on her shoulder and was receiving physical therapy, according to the claim letter she filed with the city after the accident. The 2016 lawsuit said Mdzinarishvili still did not have full use of her left arm.