Traveling with Cannabis for the Holidays: Dos and Don’ts


Now that the west coast is also the green coast, there’s a whole wide world of legal cannabis products just waiting to be sampled. But once you’ve picked out your prize, what’s the best way to transport weed to your destination? Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, on vacation or just heading to a friend’s house after a trip to the dispensary, here are the dos and don’ts when traveling with weed.


DO: Follow state possession limits. For most people possession limits shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re a fan of buying in bulk or are in charge of getting the bud for a friend’s holiday gathering, carrying any more than the limit opens you up to some problems.

DO: Follow open container laws when in a vehicle. In California, driving with weed in your car is OK as long as it’s in an unopened package, but any cannabis product that’s open or unsealed should be stored securely in your trunk or other safe place, like you would with an uncorked bottle of wine.

DO: Use common courtesy and common sense. Be aware of your surroundings. Smoking anywhere near families or children is not cool. Smoking with underage people is not cool (and illegal). Selling extra cannabis products to anyone without a retail license is not cool (and illegal x2). When in doubt, be discreet – consider edibles, oils or tinctures rather than flower.


DON’T: Smoke in your car while you’re driving or drive right after smoking. That’s an open container violation and a DUI, same as driving while drinking a beer or getting loaded and getting behind the wheel.

DON’T: Cross state lines with cannabis, even from one legal state to another. Yeah, it’s legal all up the coast and in Nevada and Colorado, but the second you cross a state line (whether you’re flying or driving), you’ve broken federal law, and in some cases, at least one state law.

DON’T: Mail weed. The Post Office is a federal agency. And shipping anything back home to a state where cannabis is illegal opens you up to even more legal issues.

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