County delays decision on proposed Stanford building near medical center

Daily Post Staff Writer
The county delayed a new Stanford development yesterday (Oct. 26) after a Menlo Park councilman raised concerns about increased traffic on Sand Hill Road.

On Tuesday, the city sent a letter to the Santa Clara County Planning Commission asking it to postpone its decision on a proposed four-story, 170,000-square-foot building that would provide offices for the Stanford Medical School’s faculty and staff and would include 830 parking spaces. It is proposed to be located on the west side of campus at Quarry Road, across the street from The Container Store and Stanford Barn.

The planning commission unanimously voted yesterday to postpone a decision on the project until its Nov. 16 meeting, said Councilman Ray Mueller, who blew the whistle on the development slated near Menlo Park.



Before the Nov. 16 meeting, Stanford will study the project’s possible impacts to El Camino Real and Sand Hill Road, according to a memo from Santa Clara County Senior Planner Colleen Tsuchimoto.

Representatives from her office and Stanford will also meet with Menlo Park officials prior to the November meeting.

Mueller said the city was never notified of the proposal for the Center for Academic Medicine. A 2000 general use permit allows Stanford to develop a certain amount of square footage mostly on the east side of campus. Stanford is proposing to shift some of the square footage to the west side of the campus for the new project.

The Santa Clara County Planning Commission would have to approve the shift because the county, to some extent, regulates Stanford’s building activities.