Black Lives Matter signs vandalized

This Black Lives Matter lawn sign was vandalized in Palo Alto. Photo submitted by Glenn Story.

Daily Post Staff Writer

At least two Black Lives Matter signs in Palo Alto have been vandalized, police said today.

This note was found near one of the vandalized signs. Photo submitted by Glenn Story.

A Black Lives Matter yard sign on Louis Road was found with a “white lives matter” flyer taped on top of it on Friday. Sgt. Craig Lee said the suspect also wrote something that was unintelligible on the sidewalk near the sign. He said no threats were found and no damage was done to the sign.

The incident was labeled a hate crime on the police blotter. Lee said police are stepping up patrols in the area as a result of the incident.

He said a similar incident was reported anonymously to police last week. The person who reported it didn’t want the police to investigate, said Lee.

Glenn Story, a resident who lives on Shasta Drive, told the Post that his neighbor’s yard Black Lives Matter sign was covered with a white lives matter flyer. Story said the perpetrator left another flyer with a manifesto on it calling Black Lives Matter “propaganda.”


  1. There was no hate crime- that requires an underlying crime. Police report even says that no crime occurred. They’re just trying to placate some white women in the community. This is 1st amendment stuff.

  2. It is not vandalism under CA Penal Code section 594 as there is no inscription – just a temporary sign on top. Palo Alto could by ordinance make doing that a crime as long as the law is political content neutral. The WHITE LIVES MATTERS poster does not seem to understand or care that the proclamation “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is an objection to the reality in America that racism has left black persons, as a valid generalization, as second-class citizens whose very lives too often do not matter, or fully matter, to those in power. Blacks are not the only racial minority in America, of course. Just the most widely despised and demeaned. Other minorities are also regarded and treated with unfair distain. And then there is the matter of how girls and women are regarded and treated. Another sign – of the inequality and inhumanity of this and every political and economic system on the planet.

  3. I lose respect for people who believe in Black Lives Matter because the organization is a hoax. It’s white guilt that propels people to join their movement. Even the “Hands up, don’t shoot” rallying cry was found to be false; “witnesses” lied about his hands being up, they weren’t. When there are black-on-black deaths, there is no outrage or even acknowledgement of its occurrence. Most of the black deaths (except perhaps the Trayvon Martin one and the boy aiming the real-appearing gun at the park) were a result of the victims not following orders from the police. Today, a black prosecutor claimed that the white cop did not murder Michael Brown, that it was self-defense since Brown was charging at him.

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