Thousands without power

10 p.m. Sunday — Widespread power outages were still reported as of 10 o’clock Sunday night across the Peninsula, though some areas are slowly being restored.

In Palo Alto, the city-owned utilities reported that 1,200 were without electricity. Most are in the Midtown-Middlefield-East-Meadow area. There are also 160 customers in the hills without power. Foothills service will likely not be restored until Tuesday due to what the city was because of collaboration with PG&E.

Currently there are still 73,772 PG&E customers without power on the Peninsula, down from 81,647 at 7 p.m.

The South Bay continues to lead the way in outages, at 106,926 customers, down from 139,692 at 7 p.m.

People lost power as heavy winds brought down tree limbs in the storm.

The storm is the second back-to-back atmospheric river to batter California in recent days.

It knocked out power to nearly 850,000 people and prompted a rare warning for hurricane-force winds as the state braced for what could be days of heavy rains.

In the Bay Area, winds topped 60 mph in some areas. Gusts exceeding 80 mph were recorded in the mountains.

In San Jose, emergency crews pulled occupants out of the windows of a car stranded by floodwaters and rescued people from a homeless encampment alongside a rising river. — From staff and wire reports


  1. And some of the worse roads bringing us ridiculous car repair bills and lines of cars with flat tires from the inescapable potholes during today’s storm.

    Not only is Gavin doing a helluva job bur you’ve got to wonder about politicians like Berman who can’t even be bothered to check on repaving schedules and instead cavalierly tell constituents to call Gavin to check themselves. I guess it’s too much trouble for guys like him to fight for regular constituents instead of the deep-pocketed buddies.

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