Correction of Victor Aenlle articles

The Daily Post has been attempting to learn more about the qualifications of Victor Aenlle, who has become part of the command staff of new San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus.

The Post made requests for information under the California Public Records Act and contacted Aenlle. Aenlle declined to be interviewed and instead told the reporter to “do more research.”

The Post published an article about Aenlle on March 1, 2023 (online March 3), and a news column on March 6, 2023.

Aenlle, through his representative, contacted the Post to protest both articles, saying they convey an “unmistakable but baseless message … that Mr. Aenlle is not qualified for his new job.”

In order to be sure the public has Aenlle’s views and the additional information he has provided, the Post here augments and corrects its articles by adding the information they provided. They state:

“Mr. Aenlle has an extensive law enforcement background. He served as a reserve police officer for over 15 years and has well over 10,000 hours of on-duty experience patrolling San Mateo County. Mr. Aenlle has completed every training protocol required of full-time deputy sheriffs, including training for situations involving workplace violence, high-tech crimes, terrorism, gang violence, vehicle pursuits and crisis intervention. He has received training in the use of electronic weapons, such as electronic control devices and tasers. He is a licensed firearms instructor. He is fully trained in first aid, CPR and AED.”

Aenlle also stated that he believes he “is exceptionally well-qualified for his position on the Sheriffs Command Staff,” adding that he “also received training in ‘constitutional policing,’ i.e., police practices that advance the Constitutional goal of upholding individual civil rights and affording citizens (sic) equal protection under law.”

Because Aenlle had not provided any specific information to the Post before publication, other than that he was a “California sworn police officer,” once the Post received his demand for a correction and the additional information, we decided to publish the information he provided.

The Post did not intend to misrepresent the scope of his qualifications.


  1. Sounds like Victor Aenille could be a great Sheriff himself when Corpus moves up the ladder in 2026, but just one more thing, does Victor have a college degree from a bricks and mortar university?

  2. Mr Aenlle has taken quite a few training courses and that’s great but what is his real life experiences in law enforcement? Most people know that a reserve deputy is very different then a being a full time Sheriff’s deputy. Look at the qualifications of the undersheriff and others in admin. They all have extensive experience in law enforcement and leadership.
    Being a reserve deputy , fire arms instructor and taking training courses in no way puts Mr Aenlle in the same league.

    • Aenlle’s qualifications also lack; No front-line supervision law enforcement experience. No mid-management law enforcement experience. No command staff law enforcement experience. No executive law enforcement experience.

  3. At first, Victor Aenlle declined to be interviewed and instead told the Daily Post to “do more research.”

    Now, it appears, Victor Aenlle has a “representative” who got the Daily Post to add this news piece. Is this the type of person that we want providing executive consultation to the new Sheriff?

    Why wouldn’t the Sheriff seek the advice and consultation of someone who actually rose through the ranks as a full time Law Enforcement officer. What is the UnderSheriff and Assistant Sheriff doing? Are they providing executive consultation? Why does the Sheriff even need Victor Aenlle? Wasn’t the Sheriff a former Chief of Police for the city of Millbrae? Is there something else going on that we do not know?

    Something is not right at the Sheriff’s Office.

    • [Comment deleted — violation of Terms of Use. If you can prove your claim, bring the proof to us at the Daily Post, 385 Forest Ave., Palo Alto.]

  4. The way I read it, Aenlle is qualified to be a deputy, but there’s an open question as to whether he’s qualified to be part of a sheriff’s command staff. The correction doesn’t explain how he was able to jump from selling real estate to the top level of what is a 700-person law enforcement agency. I would urge the Post not to give up asking that question. And the board of supervisors should put it on their agenda. Given the important decisions a command-level officer makes, it’s crucial to get an answer to this. It’s too bad that Sheriff Corpus isn’t willing or able to explain to the public why Aenlle is in her command staff.

    • [Comment deleted — violation of Terms of Use. If you can prove your claim, bring the proof to us at the Daily Post, 385 Forest Ave., Palo Alto. The Post has made numerous public records requests and has not obtained a document that supports your claim.]

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