They Make Electric Cars Easy

E-Motion Autos

E-Motion Autos wants you to try out an electric car and show you just how easy it is – and together, help save the planet, one EV at a time.

They have a fleet of available electric cars, and whether you’re looking for an easy weekend ride, want to try out electric car use for a few months, or are ready to make a commitment to e-mobility for a year or more, they encourage you to check them out.

“We’d like anyone in the Bay Area to consider us for an electric car,” said E-Motion Autos co-founder Adam Borison.

Borison said that many consumers encounter roadblocks to electric vehicle adoption, particularly apartment and condo dwellers. Electric cars are unfamiliar, and they can’t be sure an electric car will work for them. Furthermore, they don’t have easy access to onsite charging. But E-Motion Autos’ mission is to do away with those roadblocks, and so they offer a package EV deal. When you book one of their cars, they connect you to an app that shows the locations of public chargers near you and provide you with a charging card that works for the leading networks. Even better, in some cases, they can actually provide a nearby parking space with a charger.

“Our focus is on people who feel like electric cars are not right for them,” said Borison. “We want those people to try it out, experience success. We believe that if they knew how easy this would be, they would want to do it.”

Adam Borison

E-Motion Autos co-founders Borison and Greg Hamm met while each pursuing doctorates at Stanford in the

80s, and both went on to enjoy careers as consultants and entrepreneurs in the renewable energy field. Over the course of their careers, they became convinced of two things. First, that getting more people into EVs is critical to saving the planet from climate change. And second, that the existing EV infrastructure necessary to do so is further along than most people realize.

Greg Hamm

“There are many used electric cars that are in good shape and reasonably priced, and many suitably located chargers that are hardly ever used,” said Borison. “Our fundamental goal is to take advantage of this situation and get more people using electric cars. It’s good both environmentally and socially, making the world a better place for more people.”

If you want to try out an EV for yourself and see how convenient it can be, call (650) 699-2193, email [email protected] or book a vehicle online at