Parmer-Lohan leads in fundraising for county supervisor race

Daily Post Staff Writer

San Carlos Mayor Laura Parmer-Lohan has taken the lead in fundraising for the four-way race for San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley, raking in over $110,000.

Parmer-Lohan is running against Menlo Park Councilman Ray Mueller, Half Moon Bay resident Steven Booker and Virginia Chang Kiraly, a county harbor commissioner and Menlo Park Fire Board member, to replace termed-out Supervisor Don Horsley.

The seat they are competing for includes the coastside, including Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, San Carlos, Atherton, Woodside, Portola Valley and parts of Menlo Park and Belmont. The seat will appear on the June 2022 ballot, where the top two vote-getters will move on to the November 2022 election. Parmer-Lohan, who was the first to announce her candidacy, began fundraising last year, giving her a slight bump in her campaign coffers compared to the other three, who all started fundraising this year, according to financial documents filed with the county.

Parmer-Lohan has raised $110,742.11 between last year and the first six months of this year. This year alone, she has raised $63,559.04. Her contributors include local elected officials, attorney Joe Cotchett, residents of San Carlos and business people.
Mueller has raised $103,828, according to his financial documents. Much of his donations come from Menlo Park residents, business people, developers and elected or appointed officials from around the county.

Booker is the political director for the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers 617, many of his contributors include IBEW members and PACs, along with some elected officials.

Chang Kiraly has raised $30,652.10 but has loaned her campaign $50,000. Her contributors include residents of the district, businesses and elected officials.

Here’s a list of donors for each candidate.

LAURA PARMER-LOHAN has raised $110,742, with contributions from attorney Joe Cotchett ($2,000); Santa Clara resident Arlene Rusche ($1,000); Menlo Park resident and preschool owner Heather Hopkins ($1,000); Santa Clara resident Clara Brock ($1,000); San Carlos resident Niharika Kamat ($1,000); Burlingame resident and nonprofit Golden State Opportunity President Amy Everitt ($1,000); former Assemblyman Rich Gordon ($1,000); Palo Alto Councilwoman Alison Cormack ($1,000); San Carlos resident Brett Gardner ($1,000); Half Moon Bay investor Keet Nerhan ($1,000); Half Moon Bay resident and events planner Nany Nerhan ($1,000); Menlo Park resident Robert Williams ($1,000); San Carlos resident Sandy Aydelott ($1,000);

Second Harvest manager Nancy Nagel ($1,000); former Redwood City Councilwoman Shelly Masur ($1,000); former San Carlos council candidate David Tom ($1,000); Mid-Peninsula High School teacher and San Carlos resident Kat Waffle ($1,000); Putnam dealership President Kent Putnam ($1,000); Portola Valley resident Barbara Creed ($1,000); Los Altos Hills resident Becky Morgan ($1,000); San Carlos resident Josie Gillan ($1,000); Atherton resident Laura Lauder ($1,000); San Carlos resident Maggie Demkin ($1,000); San Carlos resident and Eightfold AI employee Sachit Kamat ($1,000); Patricia Seith of Redwood City ($1,000);

San Carlos engineer Tom Annau ($1,000); Woodside property manager Cailean Sherman ($1,000); Menlo Park resident Azadeh Hariri ($1,000); the Redwood City Firefighters Association ($1,000); San Carlos teacher Ruth Bennett ($1,000); Realtor Elizabeth Hirsch ($1,259); attorney Nanci Nishimura ($1,000); San Mateo County Board of Education trustee Chelsea Bonini ($519); Sequoia Healthcare District CEO Pam Kurtzman ($157); former Sequoia Union School Board member Georgia Jack ($259); Redwood City School Board member Alisa MacAvoy ($250); Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg ($156); and San Carlos Mayor Ron Collins ($259).

RAY MUELLER has raised $103,828, with donations from Portola Valley resident Christina Baszucki ($1,000); state Sen. Josh Becker ($1,000); Menlo Park resident and Bohannon Development Co. President David Bohannon ($1,000); Woodside resident and Bohannon Development Co. Vice President Scott Bohannon ($1,000); former Redwood City Councilwoman Janet Borgens ($250); Palo Alto Councilman Pat Burt ($250); California Apartment Association ($1,000); California Real Estate PAC ($1,500);

Menlo Park attorney Joseph Carcione Jr. ($2,000); Menlo Park resident Robert Carcione ($2,000); former Menlo Park Fire Board member Peter Carpenter ($1,000); Atherton resident and CEO of CSBio in Menlo Park Jason Chang ($1,000); San Carlos Mayor Ron Collins ($250); attorney Joe Cotchett ($1,000), Atherton resident Sandy Crittenden ($300); South Carolina resident Mary Crousore ($1,000); Menlo Park resident and Windy Hill Property developer Jamie D’Alessandro ($1,000); Palo Alto resident Jennifer Dearborn ($1,000); Bill Dempsey of Menlo Park ($1,000); president of Draeger’s Market and Woodside resident Richard Draeger ($1,250);

Woodside resident Mary Ann Draeger ($1,250); Venture capitalist Tim Draper ($1,000); Las Lomitas School Board member John Earnhardt ($500); retired Flegel’s furniture owner Mark Flegel ($500); former San Mateo councilwoman Maureen Freschet ($250); Brady Fuerst of Prince Street developers ($1,000); Sothebys broker Mary Gilles ($500); Intel attorney and Menlo Park resident Michael Haven ($1,000); Palo Alto nurse Linda Hibbs ($1,000); Portola Valley Councilman Craig Hughes ($250); Real estate broker Deke Hunter ($1,000); Menlo Park resident Carrie Penner ($2,000); Menlo Park resident and Walmart Board member Gregory Penner ($2,000);

Kenmark Real Estate Inc.($1,000); Valley Water Director Gary Kremen ($1,000); Atherton resident Gary Lauder ($1,000); Belmont Councilwoman Julia Mates ($100); Half Moon Bay resident Nancy Ann Nerhan ($1,000); attorney Nanci Nishimura ($1,000); Northern CA Carpenters Regional Council ($1,500); Ocean Colony Partners of Half Moon Bay ($1,000); Former San Carlos Mayor Mark Olbert ($500); San Mateo County Community College Board member John Pimentel ($1,000); Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian ($250); venture capitalist Tod Spieker ($2,000); Belmont Mayor Charles Stone ($200); former Menlo Park School Board member Terry Thygesen ($1,000); Burlingame attorney James Wagstaffe ($1,000); Burlingame resident Karen Wagstaffe ($1,000); and former state controller Steve Westly ($1,000).

STEVEN BOOKER, the political director for the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers 617, has raised $49,595, with contributions from various IBEW chapters totalling $9,000; San Mateo electrician Clark Able ($2,000); Burlingame electrician Andrew Babish III ($1,000); San Mateo Councilman Rick Bonilla ($500); Sheriff Carlos Bolanos ($250); Chubby Greens Inc. of San Carlos ($1,000); County Supervisor David Canepa ($1,000); Half Moon Bay resident Eve Donofrio ($1,000); San Mateo resident Linda Hedges ($1,000); San Mateo resident Richard Hedges ($1,000); San Mateo Councilwoman Amourence Lee ($100); Florida electrician Santiago Lopez II ($1,000); San Mateo attorney Mike Marquez ($1,000); Burlingame electrician David Maruo ($2,000);

Moss Beach sociologist Brigid O’Farrell ($1,000); Operating Engineers Local 3 of Alameda ($1,000); Pacific Rubber and Packing Inc. of San Carlos ($1,000); South San Francisco office manager Krystal Paraventi ($1,000); Plumbers and Steamfitters of Burlingame ($2,000); Half Moon Bay resident Borden Putnam ($1,000); San Francisco Laborers Local 261 ($1,000); San Mateo Building Trades Joint Council ($1,000); Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices ($1,000); Hayward resident Kastitalea Talaki Jr. ($1,500); Ali Uccelli of San Carlos ($1,000); Tony Uccelli of San Carlos ($2,000); and accountant Ashley Wong Clayton ($1,000).

VIRGINIA CHANG KIRALY has raised $30,652, and loaned her campaign an additional $50,000. Her donors include Menlo Park Fire Board member Chuck Bernstein ($200); president of Vibration Engineering Paul Blanton ($1,000); Houston developer James Chang ($1,000); Atherton CEO David Chun ($1,000); Half Moon Bay resident Chris Cuvelier ($1,000); former Menlo Park Mayor Kelly Fergusson ($250); Sequoia District School Board member Carrie DuBois ($250); Portola Valley Mayor Maryann Moise Derwinn ($1,000); Geoffrey’s Jewelry of San Carlos ($1,000); Sequoia District School Board member Rich Ginn ($500);

San Mateo financial planner Carol Gosho ($1,000); Atherton VC ($500); Palo Alto resident Gloria Hom; Austin, Tex., resident Karen Kiraly ($1,000); Former Judge and state senator Quentin Kopp ($100); Half Moon Bay resident Bradley Lucas ($1,000); Half Moon Bay resident Richard Martin ($1,000); San Mateo resident Dr. Michael Griffin ($1,000); Menlo Park resident Kathleen Mulligan ($1,000); Keet Nerhan ($1,000); John Pimentel ($250); Palo Alto resident Kimberley Swidy ($1,000); Half Moon Bay builder Thomas Watson ($1,000); Karen Wong of La Canada ($1,000); Half Moon Bay scientist Genevieve Wortzman; and Mary Young of Atherton ($1,000).