The Post’s local election guide

If you’re looking for information about the Nov. 3 election, here are some links to stories and editorials that have appeared previously in the Post. As our coverage continues, we’ll add additional stories to this page.

Who is running?

The 12 state ballot propositions (links to stories below)

Local ballot measures ranging from car camping to school parcel taxes

Political parties, labor and environmental groups reveal their endorsements

The Post’s recommendations on the 12 state ballot propositions and Caltrain Measure RR

 Santa Clara County

Palo Alto City Council

Profiles of the 10 council candidates

Editorial: Post recommends Burt, Varma, Templeton and Lauing for council

DuBois assails five council candidates, but they say his criticisms are riddled with inaccuracies

Tanaka leads in campaign contributions

Kou won’t give her opinion on Castilleja even though she’s received donations from supporters of school’s expansion

Most candidates come out in favor of business tax in candidate forum

Kou, Tanaka, Templeton lead in campaign donations

Former mayor Pat Burt will run this November

State won’t investigate anonymous allegation against Greg Tanaka

Greg Tanaka running for re-election

Adrian Fine won’t seek second term on council

Palo Alto School Board

Profiles of the six school board candidates

Editorial: Post’s recommendations for Palo Alto school board

Jesse Ladomirak takes lead in donations for school board race

Katie Causey is the first candidate to announce for school board

Palo Alto Unified School District Parcel Tax Measure O

School district mailer has incorrect information, second mailer planned

Los Altos City Council

Profiles of the seven candidates

Council candidates square off — police car stops, 40 Main St. lawsuit are among the topics

Critics of city government donate to council candidate

Sally Meadows takes lead in fundraising for council race

Mountain View City Council

Council candidates take positions on key issues

Realtors, unions throwing money into City Council race

Margaret Abe-Koga and Alex Nunez enter City Council race

School board member Gutierez to run for City Council

Landlord group files complaint over flyer for four council candidates

Mountain View Whisman School District

Five candidates running for three seats on school board

Mountain View Los Altos High School District

Two incumbents face a challenger in high school board race

Santa Clara County Board of Education

Melissa Baten Caswell to take on incumbent Grace Mah for seat on county Board of Education

Santa Clara Valley Water District

The pros and cons of Measure S, parcel tax extension

 San Mateo County

Atherton City Council

Two incumbents face two challengers in council race

Belmont City Council

Fire protection on the minds of Belmont council candidates

Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board

Peter Carpenter comes out of retirement to challenge incumbents Rob Silano and Virginia Chang Kiraly

Fire board candidate Sean Ballard was arrested for DUI

Menlo Park City Council

No incumbents in council District 3 — a look at the three candidates

Menlo Park City School District

Profiles of the three candidates running for school board

Ravenswood City School District

Seven candidates running for school board; Sharifa Wilson is leaving

Sequoia Union High School District board

Two challenge incumbent Georgia Jack for seat on high school district board

San Carlos

Two incumbents face two challengers in council race

Guest opinion: Communities need elections like hamburgers need beef

East Palo Alto

Profiles of seven candidates running for city council

San Mateo County Community College District

Candidate Eugene Whitlock drops out of race after disclosure of $2.28 million payout from district

Meet the candidates for the board of the community college district

Harbor District

‘Sign-gate’ figures to face one another in Harbor Board race

Kirsten Keith’s disputed ballot title is approved

Redwood City Council

Jeff Gee leads candidates in fundraising

County Board of Education

In a rare development, there’s a competitive race for county ed board

 New Caltrain tax Measure RR

Google, Adobe, the Giants are among the companies funding the RR campaign

Proponents of Caltrain tax collect $1.3 million for campaign

Electrification will raise Caltrain’s operating costs by 33%

Editorial: The Post recommends a “no” vote on Caltrain Measure RR

 State Ballot Propositions

Prop. 14 — $5.5 billion bond measure proposed for stem-cell research agency

Prop. 15 — Voters asked to eliminate part of Prop. 13 and raise taxes on businesses

Prop. 16 — Californians asked to bring back racial quotas for college admissions, state hiring

Prop. 17 allows convicted felons to vote when they leave prison

Prop. 18 allows 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 when the next general election occurs

Prop. 19 would raise taxes on families who transfer ownership of a home between parents and children. Under the 1978 Prop. 13, property is reassessed to market value only when it changes hands. To prevent families from getting hit with tax increases, voters passed Prop. 58 in 1986, so that transfers between parents and children wouldn’t trigger a reassessment.

Prop. 19 repeals Prop. 58. An exception is if the property is used as the principal residence of the person to whom it was transferred, and even that exclusion is capped. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates that the repeal of the “intergenerational transfer protections” guaranteed by Propositions 58 and 193 will result in 40,000 to 60,000 families getting hit with higher property taxes every year.

In addition, Prop. 19 allows older homeowners to move to a replacement home and transfer their base-year property tax assessment from their previous home to the new property. This idea was rejected by voters in 2018.

Prop. 20 stiffens theft penalties, assures violent offenders aren’t released early

Prop. 21 would let cities expand rent control

Prop. 22 — Uber, Lyft look to kill new state law banning app-based drivers

Prop. 23 — Unions seek regulations to pressure dialysis clinic operators, again

Prop. 24 — Measure would strengthen data privacy

Prop. 25 — Voters asked to bring back cash bail

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