Iowa caucuses coming to the mid-Peninsula

A question in a training booklet is seen during a caucus training meeting at the local headquarters for Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in Ottumwa, Iowa. AP photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Iowa residents temporarily in the mid-Peninsula won’t have to fly home to participate in the state’s Democratic caucus. Stanford is hosting a satellite caucus on Monday (Feb. 3) where Iowans can gather to choose a candidate together.

There are 34 Iowa residents signed up for the Stanford caucus, but other members of the public can go watch.

Unlike most other states, the voters in the Iowa make their presidential preferences known in a caucus — a meeting in a room where they debate their choices before standing under a sign for their candidate as a way of registering their vote.

The Iowa Democratic Party decided to let residents in other states and countries participate this year in satellite caucuses. The party got 192 applications internationally and approved 99. The results from all the satellite caucuses will be combined into one “county” for the state convention.
There are two satellite caucuses in California, one in Palm Springs and one at Stanford.

The Stanford caucus will start at 5 p.m. on Feb. 3 at the Hass Center for Public Service at 562 Salvatierra Walk.

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