Palo Alto man markets ‘I’m Peach Mint’ tea

Palo Alto resident Richard Hutchinson holds up his "I'm Peach Ment" tea. Post photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Need a drink while you watch the senate impeachment hearings? A Palo Alto resident is selling “I’m Peach Mint Tea,” a soothing herbal blend that taunts President Trump.

Richard Hutchison, 31, thought up the pun and started the company in 2018. People were already talking about impeachment and he liked the symbolism.

“Our country has been steeped in tea issues, like the Boston Tea Party,” he said.

Each package of tea has a sticker on the front with a caricature of Trump drawn by Hutchinson.

Hutchinson said he thinks Trump is a bully, and sometimes the only way to deal with a bully is to bully them back.

The Post heard about the company after receiving a sample of the tea in a manilla envelope with no return address.

Hutchinson admitted that that might not be the best way to peddle his product.

He said he sent similar gifts to Sen. Bernie Sanders and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“I realized after sending them out that sharpie on yellow packaging might look kind of sketchy… but I hope they got it and I hope they enjoy it,” he said.

Hutchinson hired a professional tea maker to brew his special blend — white tea with mint, marigold flowers and peach extract.

Hutchinson put $10,000 of his savings into the company. So far he has only sold about 200 packages of tea, which go for $8 each on his website.

Hutchinson donates 10% of each sale to charity. He has given $150 to StreetCode in East Palo Alto, where he volunteers, and $20 each to a handful of other charities including the NAACP.

Hutchinson said he isn’t upset that he hasn’t earned back his investment. He views the company as a “real world MBA” because it taught him how to start a business.

He graduated from Los Altos High School and attended Foothills Community College. Aside from peddling tea, Hutchinson does engineering consulting and contracting.

Hutchinson said he chose to give to progressive charities instead of politicians who oppose Trump because he wants to support people on the ground doing work to make the world better.

He said he wants to help people to support organizations that are fixing the country while “having a laugh and enjoying some tea.”