Brennan voted out as president of harbor board, will remain as a commissioner

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Controversial San Mateo County Harbor board member Sabrina Brennan lost her title as board president Thursday (Sept. 19) over concerns she wasn’t forthcoming about her search for a new general manager.

In her seven years on the board, this is the second time Brennan’s term as president has been cut short. In May 2015, she resigned as president, but remained on the board, following a tumultuous relationship with the district’s managers, one of whom complained he had been harassed by Brennan. He got a settlement from the district.

Thursday night, Brennan was removed as president by a majority of the five-member board. The three members voting to remove her were Virginia Chang Kiraly, Tom Mattusch and Nancy Reyering. Brennan didn’t attend last night’s meeting. Neither did Brennan’s only ally on the board, Vice President Ed Larenas.

Larenas lost his title as vice president in last night’s shake up.

The new president will be Kiraly. Reyering will be vice president.

Kiraly cited a couple of reasons why Brennan was being replaced. She said the board was concerned that Brennan and Larenas weren’t forthcoming with information related to a search for a new general manager of the district.

Kiraly said it was also awkward to have Brennan serving as president at the same time she had two pending claims against the district.

The Post has been attempting to obtain copies of those claims by filing public record requests, but has been repeatedly turned down despite a state law that says all claims against government agencies are a public record.

As of February, the district has paid out $780,099 in legal fees and settlements related to complaints by Brennan and against her.


  1. A good first step, but given her history of harassment claims that cost taxpayers 100s of thousands of dollars, she should be removed from this board.

  2. Why did the Harbor Board put her on the committee to find a new general manager? Through her unceasing harassment, she chased away so many employees and general managers, it’s absurd to have her try to recruit a new manager for the district.

  3. WTF…As of February, the district has paid out $780,099 in legal fees and settlements related to complaints by Brennan and against her… WHY is she still on the Board?????

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