Redwood City residents criticize Atherton housing proposal

23 Oakwood Blvd., Atherton, in near the border with Redwood City. Google map.

Daily Post Staff Writer

A group of Redwood City residents are ringing the alarm on plans for up to 26 townhomes next door in Atherton, saying the wealthy enclave is cramming its most dense development practically into their city.

The residents objecting to the plans live right along the border of Redwood City and Atherton, and are displeased with the town’s plans to create a townhouse zoning in order to get multi-family housing among the town’s single-family estates. They have been attending meetings in both Atherton and Redwood City to express their discontentment.

The owner of 23 Oakwood Boulevard is interested in building townhouses on the 1.6-acre plot. Formal plans for the project have not been filed.

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  1. Fair is fair. If Redwood City can attack Atherton for its housing plans, Atherton should oppose projects in RWC.

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