Downtown jeweler struck by smash-and-grab burglars

Denovo Jewelry at 250 University Ave. in Palo Alto was burglarized this morning. Post photo by Barry Anderson.

By the Daily Post staff

Smash-and-grab burglars hit De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry at University Avenue and Ramona Street in the pre-dawn hours today (Nov. 18).

Not only were the outdoor windows smashed but also the glass display cases.

Daily Post newspaper deliveryman Barry Anderson got this picture before the sidewalk was cleaned up.

The Post is attempting to get more information about this heist for tomorrow’s print edition.

A woman behind the counter at De Novo Jewelry after last night’s burglary. Post photo by Barry Anderson.


  1. This happened 1.5 blocks from the police station! There’s video cameras all over the place. And the police have nothing to report?

  2. These thieves should be shot on sight for stealing from these small businesses. It’d be less egregious if they stole from Walmart or target and a lot of people are excusing their actions.

    I have to wonder the race of these bandits.
    Where the f*ck is Kyle rittenhouse when you need him?

    • It is bad to kill people just to save material goods. Especially jewelry…that stuff is just expensive rocks and dirt. Most of it is literally just shiny dirt that some people polished…

      Good for Kyle that he got out of going to jail, but all his family and neighbors are probably going to be nervous and looking over their shoulders because he has already shot 3(?) people. I sure would be.

      This is the internet, but since there was some nut that recently shot BBs at kids in the schoolyard*, I’m going to assume you are sincere. In that case, you need a reality check.

      You should NOT take human life or spill BLOOD to save things that are not alive…like jewelry.
      You should not THREATEN people with death, or actually kill them because they are from a different background that you are. You wrote craziness.

      *sanfrancisco . cbslocal . com: Palo Alto Man Arrested After Shooting Child at School with Air Rifle (September,2021)

  3. I’m not sure about smash and grab, but robberies and theft are reportedly on the rise in Canada, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Argentina as well as many areas of the US. In Argentina, some residents are scared to leave their homes because of robbers on motorcycles. They are called motochorros.

    Canada has reported an increase in food shoplifting. One interviewee says the thieves steal meat and resell it to restaurants. They are also stealing other types of food more of late.

    All around the US, thieves have been targeting catalytic converters. It is in rural areas as well. Some of the jurisdictions have identified a trend, but I’m not sure if it is tracked nationally. It exploded everywhere.

    I’m currently watching the brazen theft of ATMs in the US. This has been reported in urban and rural areas. It may be the new trend in terms of property crime: take the whole machine.

    In Japan, organized crime has targeted those new-fangled all-electronic cars. They sell these overseas. They use something called CAN invaders to hack into the network software.

    In Germany (and Europe in general), there has been an increase in thefts of commercial goods from freight trucks. It is called cargo theft. The thieves there also seem to be pretty brazen. They take food etc. Apparently this is also for reselling via retail or wholesale.

    True crime is interesting. If you guys want to be really scared, did you miss the Novo Cangacao (sp) robberies that happened in Brazil? Gangs of thieves did basically smash and grab, but with explosives and to entire cities or small towns. They targeted banks.

    The rash of property crime in the countries mentioned has nothing to do with skin color 😀 as it appears people of all colors are engaging in these property crimes. They are also doing them in rural and urban areas.

    IMHO it is related to drugs. If it makes the people in SF feel better, the type of crime they are having is in other cities as well. The real problem with SF is that for this level of crime, housing is too expensive…

    2. Ajot . com: Criminals stealing goods worth €1.3 billion annually from trucks in Germany
    3. WLKY . com: 6 arrested in ‘major catalytic converter theft ring,’ Jeffersontown police say
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    5. ctvnews . ca: Shoplifting seems to be up as grocery prices rise in Montreal: expert
    6. www . rosario3 . com: Video: se bajaron de una moto para robarle y arrojó el bolso a una casa vecina

    • The places you mentioned have either Uber liberal politics (just like here) and/or insufficient enforcement. People are soft on crime and not paying attention to government. What is really being taught to your kids? How many people are being arrested and released because the laws were cancelled by people …. just like you, just like California Democrats (and you run everything) who voted for the idiots who’ve been busy destroying this state. You got what you voted for. When all the businesses are closed, when you are afraid to go outside, when they start breaking into your houses – maybe you’ll start demanding politicians who actually protect and serve. As the cartoon character once said – ‘We have met the enemy and it is us’

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