Car burglaries soar; police warn residents

Daily Post Staff Writer

Car burglaries are on the rise in Mountain View this month, and police are warning residents.

On the morning of Nov. 2, 17 thefts from cars were reported. On Nov. 8, there were at least 12 thefts, and on Nov. 10 there were more than six, according to the police log.

Most of the thefts have occurred in the downtown area, and the San Antonio Shopping Center is another hotspot.

“These crimes happen in a matter of seconds, with the thieves often brazenly breaking into multiple cars and then driving off,” police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said in an email.

Police recommended that residents take everything out of their car and put away loose change and charging cords for electronics.

“Thieves are not inspecting what they take before they ‘smash and grab’… anything a thief can see, they will grab. They will also assume there is more in the car,” a police notice said.

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