Suit claims racism at Stanford Hospital – Employee says co-worker dressed as a KKK member

Plaintiff Qiqiuia Young says this is a photo of a Stanford Health Care employee dressed as a KKK member. She claims the photo was circulated for the purpose of intimidating her based on her race.

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Daily Post Correspondent

A Stanford Health Care employee’s lawsuit accusing her employer of retaliating after she reported a coworker had dressed up at work as a Ku Klux Klan member has been sent to private mediation ahead of a possible April 2023 trial.

Qiqiuia Young, who is African American, filed the lawsuit in September 2017 in Alameda County Superior Court. Young claimed that Stanford Health Care created a hostile work environment where she suffered discrimination, racial harassment and retaliation for whistle-blowing.

In July, Superior Court Judge Richard Seabolt ordered the two sides …

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  1. This is how the healthcare system has treated Blacks for many years. Wonder why so many of us are refusing the vaccine? Take a look at that picture.

    • On the one hand you have the black guy who just beat a nurse to death in Times Square, on the other inappropriate behavior. The are hundreds of really evil people preying on people in cities every day – I find people who rob CVS and Apple stores in daylight and gang members and thugs on Barts and idiots doing donuts on street corners ALL really intimidating and offensive – the same behavior that has persisted unchecked for decades not only creating a hostile environments in our cities but severely damaging the reputations and better efforts of all blacks. Matters of everyday common decency should not end up tying up the courts. Was arbitration tried? What damages are expected?

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