Newsom survives; gets strong local support

California Gov. Gavin Newsom. AP file photo.

California voters decided to keep Gavin Newsom as governor in a landslide. The recall failed 67% to 33% according to preliminary figures.

The top five replacement candidates were:

Larry Elder, R 43.6%
Kevin Paffrath, D 10.7%
Kevin Faulconer, R 9.5%
Brandon Ross, D 6.1%
John Cox, R 4.7%

In San Mateo County, 81% of voters were against the recall and in Santa Clara County 78% opposed it.

Locally, the top five recall candidates were the same in each county.

Here are links for more election information:


Santa Clara County

San Mateo County



  1. Regardless of the results, great job by all those who signed the petition, volunteered, and participated in the attempt to throw out a petty tyrant in one-party, Democrat-dominated California.

    • We will get there one day. 24% of voters in California are Republicans/Conservatives and 46% of California voters voted for recall!
      People regardless of political party are not happy with the current state of affairs in California.

  2. People think they are being kind, generous, and progressive when they vote for these Democrats . They are not. A parent who runs up the family credit card exposing the family to bankruptcy, who allows the house to fall apart due to disrepair, who invites all of the relatives to live in the house but can’t afford to keep them is not doing good. The are causing harm. California has too many crises and challenges – poor planning and bad politics has created critical housing shortages, water shortages, infrastructure failures, a crisis in confidence in our teachers and schools, massive and routine wildfires, intolerable levels of crime and shameful neglect of the homeless. It has encouraged and now tolerates a big brother tech industry that harms our children and exploits our privacies and civil rights while causing lasting harm to our young. There are NO benefits to a one-party government – one that is functionally more like a dictatorship. This will not end well. Sure, Newsom will persist. The same machine who elevates the same people who are queued up in the lines of succession to automatically win and never lose will continues to do so. It’s all arranged before get to the polls. This is not so much a validation of Newsom as yet another victory for machine politics in dystopian CA.

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