From lobster to apartments — developer wants to replace Fish Market with housing

The Fish Market restaurant at 3150 El Camino Real in Palo Alto. Post photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

A developer is planning to demolish the Fish Market in Palo Alto and construct 129 rental units and 2,800 square feet of retail space.

The property owner, Acclaim Companies of Menlo Park, proposes to build a five-story building. The top four levels would be exclusively residential, the ground floor would be retail and residential, and underground would have two levels of parking.

A developer wants to replace the Fish Market restaurant with this condominium development.

The project, at 3150 El Camino Real, would require the city council to rezone two parcels from commercial to “planned home zoning,” a new designation that allows for buildings above the 50-foot limit as long as 30% of the units are affordable.

The five-story building would peak at 57 feet and 6 inches.

The manager at the Fish Market said he didn’t know anything about the plans.

City council will look at the proposal at its Aug. 23 meeting and offer reaction before Acclaim submits its application, which would go through the city approval process with multiple hearings.

The development is adjacent to a proposed four-story hotel and across the street from a proposed four-story retail and apartment building.


    • Put your money where your mouth is, have some skin in the game, instead of proposing foolish, grandiose plans with other peoples’ money.

      The problem of lack of “affordable” housing is not the fault of investors but government planners restricting developing and imposing onerous rules that drive up the cost of housing.

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