Police detain raccoons who broke into bank; released without bail

Raccoons inside the Redwood Shores Chase Bank branch. Photo courtesy of the Peninsula Humane Society.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

A concerned citizen called police to report two intruders at the Chase Bank in Redwood Shores he spotted while using the branch’s ATM this morning (Oct. 21).

At first the caller thought there was a stuffed toy on a desk in the bank, but then the toy moved. Moments later, he realized there were two raccoons in the bank and they were hissing at him.

The raccoons had knocked over a computer, some trash cans, and threw paper all over the bank during their stay, according to Peninsula Humane Society spokeswoman Buffy Martin Tarbox.

But they didn’t get their paws on any money, Tarbox said.

The raccoons are believed to have entered the building at 272 Redwood Shores Parkway by climbing up a tree where some muddy raccoon prints were found and onto the roof of the building.

Like bandits in movies, the raccoons climbed through the air ducts before some ceiling tiles broke underneath them, and they landed in the bank, according to Tarbox. Three broken ceiling tiles were found in the bank.

The raccoons were not hurt, Tabox said.

When animal control officers arrived, it took about 10 minutes to capture the critters in the bank. Instead of taking them back to the animal shelter in Burlingame, they were released without bail outside the bank.