School district opens investigation into Carlmont educator over sex rumors

Daily Post Staff Writer

A Carlmont High School educator is under investigation after allegations that she acted inappropriately with male students have resurfaced due to a petition.

The investigation into the educator was confirmed Thursday by San Mateo County Deputy County Counsel Claire Cunningham after the investigation was initially reported in the Mercury News.

“Given the persistence of these rumors and the volume of comments on the petition, Dr. Streshly determined it was important to conduct a more vigorous investigation to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the concerns raised by former students on the petition,” Cunningham said in a statement she sent to the Post.

The educator has been investigated by Belmont police twice, once some years ago and again this summer after the petition started by former student Dylan Wain. The petition has over 5,400 signatures as of yesterday.

Wain writes on his petition that he wanted support from other Carlmont alums and students to bring information forward about the educator.

No evidence

Although many people have commented on the petition, Belmont Police Lt. Pete Lotti said that during his department’s two investigations into the educator — the first a few years ago and again over the summer — no one brought forward hard evidence that she had committed any crime.

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said that after a parent called him about the case, he talked to Belmont police about their investigation and found no reason for his office to take the case over.

The educator’s attorney, Shannon DeNatale Boyd, shared a statement from the educator with the Post, denying any inappropriate relationship with any student.

“(Educator) is not aware of any allegations by any male student claiming to have had a sexual relationship with her; rather, this issue was raised by other individuals,” DeNatale Boyd said.

The district’s investigation is still ongoing, with DeNatale Boyd saying that the educator has not been interviewed by the school district.

Cunningham said the district has faced difficulties with scheduling interviews due to COVID-19.


  1. How long will these witch hunts continue until people stand up and demand that accusers provide evidence. Over and over again, men are accused of sexual misconduct and when you boil it down, it’s one person’s word against another’s. No evidence. For instance, a woman named Tara Reade is accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault. She has no evidence like Monica did with that blue dress that had Clinton’s DNA on it. These people shouldn’t be allowed in the news if they don’t have evidence.

  2. No evidence. No evidence. No evidence

    So what’s the big deal?

    Oh right, it’s someone’s life and reputation and family and livelihood

    Kid starts a petition, allegations of some pretty bad stuff….gets people to sign – most anonymously. Then the media catches wind and writes a story about it?

    If she did the crime, then she’ll be punished. If she showed bad judgment (but nothing illegal), she’ll be punished. And if it turns out that it’s just high school kids bragging and lying and spreading rumors….she’ll still be punished. Wow, what a world we live in

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