Homeowners in the hills got millions of dollars in free tree removals from tax-funded district

A map of the Los Altos Hills County Fire District's service area.
Daily Post Correspondent

The Los Altos Hills County Fire District spent $22 million from 2003 to 2019 to cut down trees on private property at no cost to the property owners, and without necessarily reducing fire risk, according to a county audit of the district.

That included spending about $28,000 to remove 19 trees from a single-family home valued at more than $9 million, and more than $22,000 to remove 32 trees from a home worth nearly $7 million, the audit stated.

While state law allows …

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  1. I do not know about taxpayers paying for clearing on private land but we need to get a lot better wild lands management. Having a single thunderstorm trigger wildfires that caused dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage is unacceptable. Ask any of the firefighters and they will tell you that there is too much fuel in the countryside. we have these wildfire disasters every year and yet the politicians do nothing about it.

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