Harbor board may censure its own board member who repeatedly yelled ‘pervert’ during meeting

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After getting county-wide attention for an ugly and angry meeting on April 15, the San Mateo County Harbor District Board will be voting this afternoon to censure board member Sabrina Brennan.

A censure is a formal statement where a body expresses its disappointment or disapproval in a member’s actions.

Board Chair Nancy Reyering placed the censure item on the agenda for today’s (June 4) meeting at 1 p.m., saying that Brennan acted “inappropriately” during the April 15 meeting.

During the April 15 meeting, where board member Sabrina Brennan repeatedly called fellow board member Tom Mattusch a “pervert” during a 10-minute-long tirade.

Brennan’s complaints about Mattusch were investigated previously by Mary Topliff, an outside attorney hired by the district. According to Topliff’s February 2018 report, Mattusch acknowledged sending pornographic photos to Brennan and about 40 other people, and said he thought Brennan would find them funny.

Because the incident happened before Mattusch was elected to the Harbor District board in November 2014, Topliff determined that Brennan’s complaint of being sexually harassed by a fellow board member was invalid.

The rest of the board attempted to conduct the rest of the meeting, with Reyering and fellow board member Virginia Chang Kiraly telling Brennan that she was out of order three times, according to the censure resolution.

The censure resolution lays out the problems with Brennan’s tirade, including her bringing up and issue that occurred six years ago, being “significantly disruptive to the board’s meetings and ability to conduct the public’s business,” and that she brought “significant negative attention to the district.”

Aside from censuring Brennan for her behavior at the April 15 meeting, the resolution asks that she “refrain from such disruptive conduct in the future, including using her time during district meetings for attempting to re-litigate matters that have been investigated and resolved.”

Those wishing to watch today’s meeting can go to https://bit.ly/2U6b69w.

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