Father arrested for allegedly beating baby boy

Carl Walstra, 33

Daily Post Staff Writer

A father was arrested in San Carlos yesterday (March 24) after his four-month-old baby boy was beaten so brutally that he had to be taken to a children’s hospital ICU, authorities said.

Carl Walstra, 33, took his son to the Redwood City Kaiser on Feb. 18 after his wife noticed that the baby was acting oddly, not eating and was feverish, said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Walstra stays with the baby as he works from home, while his wife goes to work, Wagstaffe said.

At Kaiser, doctors surmised that the child was suffering from shaken baby syndrome, and was in such poor shape, he had to be transferred to the ICU at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office determined that Walstra caused the child’s injuries, and arrested him on a $100,000 warrant for child abuse yesterday, said Sgt. Joe Cang.

Walstra, who bailed out of jail yesterday, will face a felony charge of cruelty to a child causing great bodily injury when he is arraigned.


  1. I can guarantee this is false information. He would never do this. He loves his children very much. Logan was born prematurely and had issues from birth. I hope the doctors can prove this was not child abuse:(

  2. “Shaken Baby Syndrome” has significant problems as a medical diagnosis. While I don’t know the specifics of this case, many hospitals now have “child abuse pediatricians” that have become so aggressive in their hunt for child abuse they no longer use evidence based medicine. The case of Dr. John Cox from Milwaukee is an example of this – just do a search on it. For anyone interested in resources for people accused of this type of child abuse, they can visit https://tornfamily.com/resources/

  3. The is completely false Accusation By
    Sheriff department and district attorney that has no clue what they’re doing and are not looking at facts!!

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