Stanford junior dies after falling while on a student trip in Spain

Stanford junior Mischa Nee. Photo provided by the Nee family.

A 20-year-old Stanford junior has died in Spain after falling while on a hike with other Stanford undergraduates studying in Europe, the vice provost of student affairs posted on the university’s website Saturday.

Mischa Nee was hiking with other Stanford students near Mallorca, Spain Friday (March 22) afternoon, in an area described to Stanford’s Susie Brubaker-Cole as “difficult, rocky terrain.” His fellow hikers lost sight of Nee during the hike, and he disappeared. Mallorca authorities started searching the area late Friday and resumed Saturday, when Nee’s body was discovered.

Nee was part of a group of Stanford undergrads studying in Europe over winter quarter visiting Mallorca for a short visit, Brubaker-Cole said. He was a computer science major at Stanford and was planning a minor in art history or studio art, she added.
— Bay City News