Stanford official jailed in San Francisco over stabbing

James Shirvell, 26. Photo from Stanford website.

By the Daily Post staff

An assistant director of admissions at Stanford has been arrested and jailed in San Francisco on suspicion of attempted murder and domestic violence for stabbing a woman while he was on LSD.

James Shirvell, 26, of Menlo Park, was booked into the San Francisco County jail Sunday (March 3), according to jail records reviewed by the Daily Post. He is being held on $1 million bail.

NBC Bay Area quoted San Francisco police sources as saying Shirvell and the victim were experimenting with LSD at a house in the Potrero Hill neighborhood when the attack occurred.

Shirvell is one of several assistant admissions directors at Stanford.

According to his Facebook profile, Shirvell grew up in Mystic, Conn., and graduated from Yale University in 2014. Shirvell earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and ran on Yale’s track team.

In addition to attempted murder and domestic violence, he was also booked for assault with a deadly weapon other than a gun.


  1. I wonder how many young people’s dreams of attending Stanford were ended by this drug addict. I hope the decisions he’s made are closely reviewed.

    • This is a completely inapproptiate response from someone who does not understand the situation. Anyone who has experienced a terrible trauma such as this should recognize that this is not a case of drug addiction. This was a psychotic epidsode induced by a controversial substance that is not well understood. Please reserve your judgement and avoid spreading negativity.

      • What’s the appropriate response? Putting him on a temporary leave of absence until he makes bail? And looking the other way? About your characterization of LSD as a “controversial substance” … maybe a better word is “dangerous” substance?

  2. This guy sat in judgment of those who applied to Stanford? There ought to be an investigation into who hired this guy. Heads should roll.

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