Acupuncture and Holistic Wellness

The Sage Place

Are you suffering chronic pain, stress or insomnia? Does your body feel off-balance with digestive issues, recurring headaches or allergies? Check out The Sage Place in Los Altos, an acupuncture, herbal medicine and holistic wellness clinic that offers patients the full spectrum of treatments from traditional Chinese medicine.

Clinic director and founder Anya Yudin-Baehrle says that Chinese medicine begins with the premise that our bodies want to be balanced, and no discomfort or issue is too minor, from hiccups to headaches to congestion. Everything is connected.

“If your pinky is itching, it has meaning to me, Anya explained. “It has a specific place in the system.”

And the greatest doctor of all is the one who prevents a disease so that more serious treatment doesn’t become necessary.

Before she began training in traditional Chinese medicine, Anya spent years as a Silicon Valley executive watching people around her deal with stress and issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety, digestive issues and chronic pains. Many saw doctors but found little relief.

But acupuncture has known benefits for pain relief, and The Sage Place offers massage and bodywork, cupping, herbal remedies, diet and nutritional counseling and qi gong, an ancient Chinese health practice that is sometimes compared to yoga. Anya stresses that there are many ways a patient might be treated, depending on their needs.

“She has an amazing bedside manner, detective-like approach, and a brilliant understanding of how our bodies work with respect to blood flow and pressure, etc.,” said patient T.C., a realtor.

Before starting The Sage Place in 2017, Anya went to school at Five Branches University in San Jose and completed an externship at China Hospital in Taiwan. She is currently working on a doctorate at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland. She specializes in stress-related illnesses, treatment of pain and injury and herbal medicine. Her fellow practitioner at The Sage Place, Devin Babat has 11 years of experience in working with muscular skeletal conditions as a massage therapist. She also treats general woman’s health and specializes in helping men and women with fertility issues. Between Anya and Devin’s diverse experience, patients can find a variety of styles and approaches to suit them.

Most major insurers cover acupuncture treatments for headaches, migraines and general pain. Some also cover the treatments for chemotherapy-induced nausea. The Sage Place will submit claims on behalf of their patients. And you can also use HSA cards or Flexible Spending accounts to pay for health costs at The Sage Place.

Right now, they’re offering Post readers a free 20-minute consultation. So if you’re interested in the benefits of Chinese medicine or looking for nonpharmaceutical solutions to chronic pain, stress, insomnia, infertility or many other issues, call The Sage Place at (650) 503-335.