Building permit shows Christine Blasey Ford really did put a backdoor on her bedroom

Christine Blasey Ford

Daily Post Staff Writer

A building permit from the city of Palo Alto shows that Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford did, in fact, install a backdoor on her master bedroom — supporting a friend’s public assertion that she feels trapped without an exit route.

Ford’s friend Jim Gensheimer, of Saratoga, told the Wall Street Journal last week that Ford needed more than one exit door in her bedroom to feel safe.

Permits from 2008 show that Ford and her husband renovated their Eichler-style house in south Palo Alto’s Greenmeadow neighborhood to include an exit door in the master bedroom.

Ford went public on Sept. 16 with a claim that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when the two were in high school in 1982.

According to a letter Ford sent to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s office over the summer, a drunken Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed at a house party, pulled at her clothing and covered her mouth when she tried to scream.

“I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” the clinical psychology professor told the Washington Post. “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”

Kavanaugh has denied the allegation. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to take testimony from Ford on Thursday.


    • Two different doors geniuses, four years apart. Permit was 2008 for bedroom door, then in 2012 when she insisted they get a front door on another remodel, her husband wanted her to get counceling. Man, simple stuff. You ever think maybe two remodels?

      • And the front door was added before 2011.“I had never told the details to anyone, the specific details, until May 2012, during a couples counseling session. The reason this came up in counseling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive, very long remodel of our home, and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that he and others disagreed with and could not understand. In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail.”

        • One assumes the house has a back door. Without knowing the size of the home, why on earth would one want two front doors? Some homes have a back door, a side door as well as a front door and perhaps an additional door to a patio. But two front doors? Was this only in 2011 that she decided that she wanted this? What about the 30 years prior to that? Was she ok with a single front door then?

          • A front and back door has been in the building code from the start! Its a fire law! She rented part to marriage counseling business. Required to have its own door to get a business permit..alo Alto city records show that a building permit for an additional room and exterior door was issued to Ford and her husband on Feb. 4, 2008 — more than four years before the May 2012 therapy session

        • LOL Right down the street from my home is a home with a two front doors. The first is into the main entry foyer and the second is a door used by children or service people. The second door opens into a “mud room”, a kind of room that is generally off the kitchen or leads in the family living area of the house. Both doors are in the front of the house. And it doesn’t look weird. Ford made it sound like it was a second door that led into the same room as the other door. I’ve got roughly ten questions that’ll knock holes in her story. That little girl voice didn’t fool me at all. Anyone who’s a performer could read her testimony and sound as credible. She’s a far left con artist. By the way, her GOFUNDME dollars need to be continuously tracked once they’re disbursed, I have a strong feeling they’ll be lining her pockets. Every politician is scared to death to say anything negative about her for fear of the impact on the election.

          • I also found a tweet that indicated Ford ran a business out of her home at the time the door was put in. It looks like it might have been a family counseling business. If that required people coming and going to the house, then that second door seems quite useful for that! And I think someone above made a great point, what about all the time before this when she lived in other homes. Why no NEED for a door then?

          • I concur I was telling my mother about what I called her fake voicce, and how money from GoFund me account was incentive to lie. Can’t figure out why all news outlets keep saying she is so credible. I completely disagree. I was molested 39 years ago at age 13 and I remember all details except date. Just didn’t buy her story but Believed Kavanaugh.

            • PTSD from trauma is not same for everybody so please do not compare your experience to others and claim theirs is false and yours right! her voice was not fake but the anxiety of the situation in congress would choke one up and one may sound like a little girl then….her story is that of so many upscale college prep school girls in boarding school and the boys feel they are above the law!

              • WE don’t need any lectures from you on how to behave or what to think. Take your demoncrat BS elsewhere and stop bullying Ford. She did have a wee little girls voice as a prop. She’s acting out her fantasy of helping the demoncrats win something. She’s resister. She’s a liar.

        • Why did she bring up the assault AFTER completing a remodel of their front door? Wouldn’t you discuss it BEFORE construction?
          If there were 2 remodels wouldn’t her claustrophobia be relevant to the bedroom door, not the front door that was for a rental?
          She used the door as an excuse to mention Kavanaugh assaulting her because Romney said he’d pick him for SCOTUS. The therapy note was to create a paper trail for her made up allegations.

          • this is not about claustrophobia but PTSD! the discussion came up in counselling, maybe marriage issues in relation to her trauma took her to counselling and the extra door was wasn’t an extra front door but an (escape) exit door from her bedroom. reliving the trauma, having nightmares and flashbacks this makes sense!you look for an escape….

            • Maybe her husband put his hand over her mouth to shut up the squeaky baby voice and that made her remember something. That’s why they went to marriage counseling.

        • who paid for the remodel? It was quite extensive–does she make that kind money? her husband? Follow the money and you have a reason.

      • Except there was no other building permit until 2013 for a solar panel system. So there you have it. They either built the addition in 2008 and fought over a door for 4 years, or they didnt get a permit for the newest addition? However the addition was actually a studio that they use for Google Interns as she actually did say in her testimony. So it really wasnt a front door and it wasnt for her bedroom.

        • if you google that home address for Ms Ford…you will note the address comes up as a business address for a Dr. Sylvia Randall PHD a Group Psychotherapy Psychologist not for google interns

      • “You ever think maybe two remodels?”

        Within a few years of each other? No, that wouldn’t immediately cross a normal person’s mind. Why not get everything done at once?

    • The “2nd front door” MAY have an “alternate fact” (that the Left likes so much?) BUT it is is just ONE of 26 facts the FBI NEEDS to investigate!
      Palo Alto building permit records states the 2nd door was added as a separate entrance for a rental unit being developed in the home.
      The records show the 2nd door was installed in 2008, 4 years BEFORE she talked to a psychologist.

    • But she testified that she has two FRONT doors and it makes her home ugly from a curb view.
      Whether she has two bedroom doors is not news worthy.
      The fact she talked about two front doors and testified as such does.

      • If you just run a google maps street view, there aren’t two doors visible from the curb. From the curb, there’s large power garage door to your right (looking from the street) and three windows on an exterior wall to your left. If you walk down a center walkway between the garage and house, there’s a single door set way back (not visible from the curb). Per the plans, if you enter that door, you either turn right into a hall leading to the garage or left into the kitchen.

        The new addition was a master-bedroom suite (from plans available on the Internet). It has a big architectural double door that exits onto the back lawn. The main house also has a single door exiting to the back lawn.

        It’s not easy to square the google street view and the new building plans with the description Ford gave at the hearing.

      • Yet City Code records plainly show the second door was installed to accommodate a repeat to accommodate them renting out the West Wing of their house to a renter. Bottom line and the renter has come forward LOL

    • As an attorney since 1973, her testimony did not ring credible to me, and I say this as a father of three daughters and a brother to three sisters. There were too many inconsistent statements. And with no corroboration of her alleged version of the events of 36 years ago by anyone, the matter should be disregarded and dismissed. Feinstein on the other hand, should be impeached for this despicable behavior that obviously was politically motivated without any consideration whatsoever for Ford or Kavenaugh, none.

    • Well the problem is this was not even connected to her bedroom in the real record show I repeat the real record show this was to accommodate their renters. They rented out the West portion of their house lol completely debunking the second door as used for an exit route LOL there was a wall in between their living quarters and the renters running quarters thank you

  1. Why isn’t the assaulter screaming for an FBI investigation to “clear his name”? Obviously because he knows he is guilty of sexually assaulting this courageous woman.

    • Maybe because he already passed 6 FBI checks, or the fact that they aren’t going to find anything that wasn’t already presented. Why don’t you look at Joe Biden’s statement on the value of an FBI report? Back when Thomas was being confirmed, and asked for one, Biden said it was useless.

      • This claim, however, WAS NEVER INVESTIGATED. In addition, IT IS COMMON PROCEDURE THAT IS ALWAYS DONE FOR AN SC NOMINEE TO DO AN FBI BACKGROUND CHECK–ESPECIALLY IN LIGHT OF SUCH A SERIOUS ACCUSATION. Additionally, Kavanaugh repeatedly said on the stand that he would do anything to clear his name. If you were falsely accused, would you balk at an FBI investigation. Also ALL FOUR OF HIS ACCUSERS HAVE TAKEN LIE DETECTOR TESTS AND HAVE WELCOMED FBI INTERVIEWS. ONE IS HAPPENING AS I WRITE THIS. The R Judicial Committee has done everything it can to hide and obfuscate– from not calling additional witnesses to refusing to call for an FBI further BG check. Anita Hill’s hearing CALLED 22 WITNESSES AND a full FBI investigation. Clarence Thomas was still appointed, but his vote count dropped by over 40.

    • So weird…she testified that getting her husband to agree to putting in the door was a major part of her counseling sessions in 2012. The door was put in in 2008.

      • It is my understanding that she testified that it was a second front door.
        she even mentioned that the house looked bad from the street.

        • this is directly from her testimony…
          “The reason this came up in counseling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive, very long remodel of our home and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that he and others disagreed with and could not understand.
          In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail”
          And HER RENTERS even get their mail at this other FRONT door.

          • THIS IS OBSCENE.. Why didnt her HUSBAND show up to support her? Where was the Counselor who helped her discover her LOST MEMORIES? She claimed she suddenly blurted out the details of the supposed assault to her husband when they were fighting over a remodel. WHY DIDNT HE SHOW UP TO RECOUNT THOSE DETAILS? THEN she claims at a LATER date they decided to go to counseling about the door incident. and at that time she couldnt remember anything but the counselor helped her rediscover the lost memories? Which is it? Where are these two CRITICAL witnesses? What are they afraid of and why are they hiding?

          • From what I understand from another report, the second front door remodel came about because they made a rental out of that section of the home. I guess the reporter found rental reports on the remodeled home.

      • FBI investigations do not usually go into high school activities. Only activities after 18. So in those 6 FBI investigations, they never looked at anything related to this. Why is this such a big point for republicans? If he is clear the FBI investigation will not find anything and then you can have your precious lying crybaby on the court.

        • My Mother worked on very sensitive, hi level projects with the DOD. She had the highest level security clearance. The FBI interviewed her grammar school teachers, her High School classmates, and college professors, and colleagues. They asked very personal questions about her reputation, her associations, clubs and interests. If she had been attending parties where gang rape was a regular thing, I do believe they would have heard something.
          This is a despicable farce! Shame on these pathetic Democrats.

        • Shortly after I graduated from High School I was visited by a FBI agent at my job, in another city. Not sure how he found me, but he was asking questions about a boy I went to school with. I knew very little about the guy, only saw him in school, so the interview was short. I have always been impressed at how deep their interviews go, if that was not an exception to the rule.

    • Maybe perhaps because he has been through six of them already and nothing was found and has nothing further to prove? It is not he who needs to prove his innocence, it is Dr. Ford that has to prove his guilt, and with the evident memory problems and extreme lack of evidence that will be a very difficult thing to do…

    • Hey Sam – Have you stopped to think for one second that the renovation, in which she installed the 2nd door for protection, happened in 2008 and she didn’t remember the alleged assault until 2012?! Now, please explain how she was afraid of something she didn’t even remember yet? She’s LYING that’s how!

      • Well Kay, its apparently clear that you did not read Fords testimony. She clearly remember the assault back in 2008 when the permit was issued, the door was included on that permit at that time. She stated, when the remodel was done in 2012, she then made her assault claims known.
        Get your facts straight!

    • That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. there are a billion reasons not to be screaming for the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation to not investigate a 36-year-old state misdemeanor. Multiple background checks passed already.. it’s a state charge… it’s a ONE-year statute of limitations (it doesn’t rise to the state’s related felony charges, given Ford’s allegations). Because of all those facts, and that he’s a judge and knows the law, he’s even more insistent on how there is no usual reason, outside of unequal enforcement of laws, that all these rules of investigation and enforcement should be violated in one circumstance.

    • Perhaps because he’s already had six FBI background checks. Perhaps because he is innocent and has given the committee a calendar with a daily details. What else can he do?

      • FBI investigations do not usually go into high school activities. Only activities after 18. So in those 6 FBI investigations, they never looked at anything related to this. Why is this such a big point for republicans? If he is clear the FBI investigation will not find anything and then you can have your precious lying crybaby on the court. And a freakin calendar as proof. Give me a break!!

    • you seem not to understand the concept of presumption of innocence or a whole host of concepts underlying the concept of justice in the western world.

    • Why should he, when he didn’t do anything wrong? I’d like to know why no one is screaming that the FBI should look into Ford’s background? Why did she close down all her social media? Because they’ll show she a far left loon who’s anti Trump, pics of her in pink ears?? What about HER yearbooks? We know nothing of her past. Let’s see photos of the front of her house with that second door that leads into a back hallway to be used by boarders like Google interns. I reread her testimony where she said after the assault she ran down the stairs, into the living room and out the front door. Her good friend Leland didn’t ask her why she ran out later that night or the next morning at school? WTF kind of friend is that? No one corroborates her story. I could go on and on and point out discrepancies but hopefully the FBI will expose her for what she is – A LIAR.

    • Probably because he had been violated by the FBI SIX TIMES ALREADY! there are so many holes in her story. BTW… I’m a Democrat and I think this is all waaaayyyy to convenient. We all know the party is stalling until November. C’mon stop drinking the punch and think for yourself.

    • Really!!! Get a clue. Dr Fords story has continued to change begining with her therapist, the wash post and her testimony. Her own friend who she claims was there said she doesnt know Kavanaugh and doesnt remember ever being at a party with him with or without Ford

  2. Kavanaugh is the worst of “bro” culture and a total corporatist hack hiding his agenda with evangelical anti-woman rulings, but …

    Almost all Eichler main bedrooms have a sliding glass side exit to the yard in addition to their internal entry/exit. Did they put in yet another one?

    • Palo Alto bldg permit records raise questions about Ford’s testimony she completed an “extensive remodel” of home in 2012 & that this was seminal event that led her down path to coming out vs Kavanaugh b/c she needed to add an escape door. Permit was issued in 2008.

      • The remodel was done in the back of the house. Permit issued in 2008. She testified that the remodel was very long and extensive. When we remodeled the back of our house we had to stay somewhere. We stayed in a small bedroom in the front of the house. It is possible that she refused to stay in this front bedroom unless another exit was added. And if the remodel took a long time, this could have been a continuing issue. It does not sound like they sought counseling until 2012, which is when you start to identify and discuss issues causing trouble in the marriage. People seem very quick to find her to be a liar when there could be a reasonable explanation.

        • The remodel began 11/19/2007 and was finaled 1/30/2008. I’ve pulled the permit online so I know this as fact. Hardly a “long and extensive” remodel. Heck, 2.5 months is extremely quick for a remodel

  3. Having looked at a fair number of open houses for sale in RWC, I’d have to say that adding a French door, or a slider, between the master bedroom and (usually) the backyard is a fairly common remodeling detail.

    • This is exactly what was done in her home. It had nothing to do with any assault. It was simply a design feature that she liked at the time, and she had to apply for a permit to add this feature in the remodel. This woman is lying and following a well crafted script. She’s also stalling heavily in her interview, specifically during the questioning portion. She never stalled once when it was her turn to “act” i.e. read from her prepared statement..

    • We put a second front door into our home so that emergency services could have immediate access to my mother’s bedroom and would also allow her direct access to the front porch. I am sure there are numerous other reasons for a second front door other than an alleged 38 year groping.

  4. Strange how the permit was for the year 2008 when she testified under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee that the “extensive remodel” and subsequent arguing with her husband that led to the couples counseling session was all in 2012.

    Almost like she’s making the whole thing up or something.

    • Great point. Seems like she saw a pic of kavanaugh from the cnn news report o romneys supreme Court short list in 2012. Remembered the attack and subsequently pinned kavanajgh as the guy. She could seriously be mistaken here. I want her thoroughly questioned again. I want 3 more days then a vote.

    • We’ll see if the FBI examines her conflicting statement and what was actually done to the home. I bet they overlook it, her lies about not flying, and more.

  5. She testified that she put a second FRONT door on her home in 2012, which made the house look aesthetically odd. This article has NOTHING to do with her testimony.

  6. There is nothing on record that she put on a second front door in 2012. Absolutely no record of it. The only record they have is in 2008. You can’t just ‘put a second FRONT door’ on with obtaining permits with the town. Doesn’t work that way.

    It has everything to do with her testimony. She said the renovation triggered her sexual assault. That’s why she went to the shrink because her ad her husband were having problems stemming from her emotional distress of wanting the additional door. But the door was added on in 2008? I’m not following

  7. In her testimony she said she wanted a second FRONT door and that it was because she was claustophobic and yet, THEN when confirmed she got the door, she said she was happy because it was “aesthetically better looking now from the outside.” SHE lied. She said she went to counseling in 2012 for this, yet she added a back door 2008? Which is it?
    Is there a building permit for 2012?

  8. This building permit is part of the evidence showing that Blasey Ford isn’t a truthful person.

    1. We have her saying she couldn’t fly to Washington because of a fear of flying. Then that lie was blown up in yesterday’s hearing when she confirmed that she takes airplanes all over the place.

    2. She provides the names of three witnesses who she says will corroborate her story. All three take Kavanaugh’s side.

    3. She tells her therapist that four boys were in the room when she was attacked, but later says it was just two and her therapist got it wrong.

    4. She claims she added the door in 2012, but the building permit was obtained in 2008. She claims it was an extra front door but this story said it was added to her bedroom.

    These inconsistent statements cause me to question her veracity. She’s making some serious allegations with no evidence. It’s simply a situation where we have to believe her. But if she isn’t being truthful about these other things (that are easily documented), why should we believe her story about Kavanaugh?

    • She testified that she went to therapy so that she could have 2 front doors. Seriously? When she testified (off script) that the 2nd door gave her house better curb appeal, her lawyer corrected her and said it was because she was claustrophobic.

      That said, what really matters is the evidence of who, what, when, and where of the alleged event, keeping in mind that bearing false witness is in God’s Top Ten along with murder, adultery, etc. and that constitutionally we all are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

      Unfortunately, presumed innocence appears to be on trial here. Let us pray that it does not become the ultimate victim.

    • Here is what really bothers me.

      How on earth does a woman with a Phd and a decent income, with a Phd husband, in the community of Palo Alto, NOT hire a personal attorney to protect her own interests? Why on earth would she wholly put herself into the hands of Democratic operative attys? This is the most glaring problem with the whole thing, if you think about it.

  9. There is a big difference between front and back doors. Is it that hard for someone to take a picture of the front of this residence and find out when the front door was installed? We can probably even see it on Google Street View.

  10. @Mimi Miranda is exactly right! And the “prosecutor” who represented the republicans was so soft (out of caution of being accused of “victim-blaming”) that a lot of critical questions and points were not made. @Mimi does a great job of capturing some of them.

    There was also the question about how Dr. Ford was able to narrow down the year of the assault from “mid 1980s” to “ear;y 1980s” to “1982.” Ford successfully avoided answering with a response like: ‘if the FBI would investigate then I could be more helpful.’ TOTAL BS! Either she can shed light or not, but an FBI investigation will not improve Dr. Ford’s “help.” The prosecutor let it pass. The real answer that Dr. Ford should have acknowledged is that she underwent regressive therapy and “lawyer advice” that helped her to not only “identify” the year it happened but also who the perpetrators were. Keep in mind the original therapist notes said there were four boys present during the assault, but in trying to reconcile Ford’s reported version with the therapist notes, she claims the therapist wrote erroneous notes. Uh uh. Another loose end.

    The dems used their 5 minute slots with Dr. Ford to testify, not ask questions that might help get to the truth. Clearly they were not trying to get to any “truth,” they were simply playing their continuing role to obstruct and delay a new SCOTUS nominated by TRUMP.

    I don’t know who is telling the truth, but I have a lot of problems with Ford’s version, including her inability to remember where and when – even vaguely! Seems she only remembers Who, which seems far to convenient. Hard to believe that she can’t, at least, narrow down When. If this was truly the transformative event in her life that she says it is, wouldn’t she at least remember the events in the month or two afterward, that would have helped make the assault stick in her mind? Wouldn’t she have been constantly thinking about it, and wouldn’t the event have influenced her interactions at social events? Did she continue to go to these under-age drinking parties at strange homes after the alleged assault? If not, why would she not remember the “last” or “only” unchaperoned, underage drinking party she attended? If it wasn’t her last under-aged, unchaperoned party, how serious was the alleged event that she kept going back?

    So many questions about the critical details that she can’t remember, and the same details that would actually allow the FBI to investigate effectively, and soon. Without these details, any investigation is likely to languish, be slow-moving, and drag on for a very long time. Seems to perfectly fit the Dem narrative.

  11. I can confirm that the current Google Street View of her house (actual photo is dated 2915) does not appear to show a “second front door”. I’m not going to violate her privacy by including a link, but if you’re really interested the address is out there And not via any nefarious “dark web”, just normal web lookup sites or public records. It might be a side door.

    • Two front doors. One is green (installed in 2008 between two windows). Original door is red (left from a garage). You can clearly see it on pictures from May 2011, November 2011, 2013 and 2015.

      • Google Maps and Google Earth. Google Street View shows her house in July 2007 (before renovations – roof is flat), March 2011 (with the second door), Nov. 2011, and Nov. 2015. Also Dr. XXX PhD, Psychologist (not Dr. Ford) listed the same house as her “Business Practice Location”. I’m sure you understand why I don’t give you her name.

        • It appears you are stating your research shows the house was used as a business location for a psychologist other than Professor Ford. Is this correct?

      • March 2011 – a very good view of two front doors.
        Nov. 2011 – a new brick driveway and a brand new sidewalk (pretty weird looking for a single family house).

  12. The only problem is that she said that they were doing it in 2012, not 2008…. her testimony has more holes than swiss cheese, don’t know when, don’t know where, none of the 4 people she said were there even remember the party, her best friend says she never met Kavanaugh, she doesn’t know how she got to the party or how she left the party even though she was 15 and couldn’t drive, she was “afraid” to fly but flies all over the world, she wanted to remain anonymous but called the washington post tipline, her own yearbook shows that “she liked to drink until she passed out”. I could keep going but I would have dismissed this probably after 3 or 4 of these rebuttals

  13. Christine wanted the double door so badly when she arguing with her husband over the remodel design of her house she claimed psychological issues. The woman was vain enough to get her way through manipulation. Shame on her!

  14. WRONG! She stated that she had a second front door (“double door”) put on “recently” (10 years ago) because of her “PTSD,” but that Google interns were now occupying that bedroom, making in inaccessible to the Fords. The permit doesn’t show a door for the back bedroom, just the 735 sf bedroom and bathroom in the front and renovations of the kitchen and living room. I looked it up and you are FAKE NEWS!

  15. Yes… because they added a little apartment onto their house and HAD TO by law INSTALL a separate front door in 2008 for the tenants access!!!! NOT BECAUSE SHES SO TRAUMATIZED she needed more exits… She even mentions during testimony that theyre able to house google interns… this is good though… the FBI investigation will uncover everything! judge Kavanaugh and the rest of us Americans will have our Justice

  16. So sad where we’re at in this hostile environment where a woman can level charges of attempted sexual assault and even murder/manslaughter (“he might inadvertently kill me”), but because she’s emotional the she MUST be believed and to challenge her NUMEROUS inconsistencies/lies is tantamount to “assaulting” her again.

    I am NOT in the camp of people, such as EVERY cowardly Republican senator, who says they believe Kavanuagh but also genuflect for the delicate Ford flower and say “well it wasn’t Kavanuagh but SOMETHING happened”. BS. This squeaky-voiced lady with the annoying Valley Girl lilt is an absolute FRAUD. And I just may vomit if one more person says “well WHY would she put herself through this?” Such stupidity…well gee, WHY would she? Hmm, you mean besides the hundreds of thousands of $$ in gofundme accounts, becoming a leftist hero like Anita Hill who will also go on to a nice career of giving speeches to fellow hysterical leftists at $25K-$50K per pop, and doing her pink p***y hat wearing best to #RESIST Trump in all arenas, particularly filling this SC vacancy…yeah, I just can’t think of anything she’s getting out of this hoax.

    • SM192, you make good points regarding the forms of compensation coming her way. I think she will capitalize on them. Then again, maybe she will donate the entire $700,000 (tax free, they are gifts) to an organization which supports women who have suffered from sexual assault. If we never hear about any such donation, it’s safe to assume she kept the money for herself. If she truly wants to distance herself from the GoFundMe $700,000, she can instruct GoFundMe to direct the funds elsewhere … nobody can force her to take the cash. So let’s wait and see what this honorable woman does with the money.

  17. No, the building permit does NOT show Ford put a 2nd door on her bedroom, it and there has only been one building permit for them and it was in 2008, NOT 2012 as she claimed when she said “we had only just completed a long reconstruction”.. the permit was only for 180 days in 2008 and it was for a seperate studio apt space in the front of the building, a bedroom, bathroom and secured access door. It had no connection to the Ford’s living area. It was rented out to Google interns and Ford also rented the space to a sex therapist, the Couple’s Research Institute which is still registered as being at the Ford’s address. Ford LIED, about a 2nd bedroom door, as she LIED about fearing flying, as she LIED about being a doctor, as there is not one school that gave her a PhD. Ford’s lie detector test wasn’t scientifically performed, and no video or audio of the test has been provided for context, as things stand the test questions could have been asked about something other than Ford’s allegations about Kavanaugh. There is no evidence, nothing…

    • Whoa, wait just darn minute here, you seem to be implying there’s something a bit “off” or weird that the delicate Ford Flower who is sooooo traumatized by the “attack” on her and requires an “escape” door would rent out the room with that door, thereby making it USELESS for the supposed intended purpose of which she testified UNDER OATH. Next thing you’ll be telling us that she actually flies quite frequently.

  18. The door discussed in the hearings was about a front door. Not a back door and not a door to the master bedroom. But a front door. Apparently, there are two different doors.
    Also, there was a tweet I found with images of Ford’s home before and after the door was installed (on the front). And at that time a business was registered to this address. It was a family counseling business. If you had people coming and going to the house, then a second front door can obviously be normal and a good idea. Despite that, she admits to having hosting Google interns. Another use case for a second front door.
    That needs to be investigated, because it does seem suspiciously convenient.

    • Regarding the family counseling business, see the article titled, “Records Raise Questions About Ford’s Double-Door Story” at RealClear Politics website

  19. I agree that the second door was for a master bedroom which has been leased, according to Ford, to “google interns.” So if she needed that second door, why isn’t this her living space? Aside from that, I’m wondering how long she’s been renting that space

  20. So, those google interns she testified use that second door are living in her master bedroom with her? Boy is the media missing the story.

    The permit was for a big new addition, which likely became the master, and the former bedroom the established rental space. But nice obfuscation of facts, hometown sycophant reporter. How much did you donate to the GoFundMe?

    PS: check Ford’s own testimony and her exchange with Feinstein.

  21. Give me a break. I had a door installed in my master bedroom that went out to our deck. It is A VERY COMMON THING THESE DAYS!!! just watch HGTV for about a minute, you’ll probably see one. I’m a registered Democrat and think this whole thing smells to high heaven. Curious timing. We are messing with A VERY important thing in America these days. Innocent until proven guilty. I understand the #metoo movement, but I will guarantee you that there are liars among BOTH genders. (Yes there are only 2). You far right and far left wingers better watch yourselves. We middle of the roaders outnumber you. At some point the majority will to stop cowtowing to the few. We are getting tired of it. It’s why Trump beat Hillary. People were tired of the political b.s. in Washington. Get your head right, stop believing what you read on Facebook, listen to the candidates or the narrative and form your own opinion. I’m sure I’ll get blasted by the far right and left morons, but let’er rip. Tell YOUR truth and let’s see how stupid you sound.

  22. I have a sister that has been fabricating stories her whole life for attention. All 3 of her daughter’s won’t have anything to do with her because of all the lies. The oldest daughter had to get a lawyer to get her to stop the slander on Facebook. Her boyfriend is a pedophile. He was caught trying to molest the youngest daughter and she stayed with him. Maybe, just maybe Dr Ford’s family doesn’t support her due to the lifetime of lies and deception and have washed their hands of her like my family did my sister. Just a thought.

  23. I’m a survivor of sexual assault She’s a complete farce and disgrace! I remember everything…. hell I remember my first kiss, black out drunk fun nights in Vegas I remember more than her! This poor man and these “feminists” don’t give a crap about his daughters?! What a disgraceful example of political power…. anybody see Dr Ford wearing her vagina hat and her quotes during the March worried that political leaders are ignorinb scientific evidence? Why wasn’t she so vocal when Kavanaugh sat on the 2nd highest court? She is a lying psycho protesting head case who needed and wanted a platform. I can’t wait to buy her book. When do the speaking tours start? She wanted to remain anonymous my #%%

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