Brennan has cost Harbor District $780,000

By the Daily Post staff

The San Mateo County Harbor District paid attorneys $46,265 to investigate commissioner Sabrina Brennan’s complaint that she had been sexually harassed by fellow commissioner Tom Mattusch.

The result of the investigation, as reported by the Post on Friday, was that in fact Mattusch emailed explicit photos to Brennan and 40 other people, but it occurred before he was elected to the harbor board, making her complaint about harassment null.

This case brings the total amount that the district has spent in settlements and legal fees involving Brennan to $780,099. The figure includes investigations into complaints Brennan has filed and investigations into complaints about her, as well as settlements to employees.

This time, the district will have to pay $25,000 to Mary Topliff, the district’s outside investigator for the matter, and $21,265 to attorneys at Hanson Bridgett for added legal expenses during the investigation.

In addition to the photos, Brennan claimed that Mattusch behaved inappropriately when he invited her in 2014 to Tanzania for a safari trip, where neither of their wives would be present. Again, that complaint was ruled null because it happened before Mattusch was on the board, Topliff concluded.

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