City offers guidance on its website about marijuana

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Employees of Redwood City have been getting so many phone calls and questions about marijuana that they created a section on the city’s website for frequently asked questions.

It gives information to both Redwood City residents and cannabis business owners who may want to eventually expand to the city.

People over 21 can consume marijuana on private property, but can’t ingest it in public places, the blog says. You may be able to smoke in your home, depending on where you live. The city banned smoking in all apartment complexes.

For those in an apartment, it’s best to use marijuana through edibles or another way that doesn’t involve smoking or vaping, the city says.

You cannot smoke within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or other center where children may be present, a regulation throughout the state.

Growing and storage

Anyone over 21 also can grow up to six plants, but they must be grown inside or in a greenhouse in the backyard. Adults can possess up to one ounce of marijuana.

The city breaks down tips for safely growing marijuana in your home. Those include the following:

• Make sure all grow lights are installed by an electrician to prevent fire hazards, and don’t use extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring.

• To avoid mold, have painted concrete or plastic treatments on your walls so water is not easily absorbed.

• When disposing of marijuana plants or food, grind up the product and make sure it cannot be easily eaten or used.

• Store all marijuana in a locked area.


Right now, only outside delivery businesses can deliver in Redwood City, the city website says. However, the delivery services must obtain a business license from the city and pay its business license tax.

The city currently doesn’t allow delivery businesses, or any other cannabis-related businesses, to take root in the city.

However, the city is working on a “phased approach” to allow marijuana businesses inside city limits. The City Council is expected to discuss regulations for allowing delivery centers in the city in April. These discussions would define where delivery centers could be located.


  1. If they’re in the business of providing information about marijuana, they should dive into the issue of edibles. Some have highly concentrated levels of THC, which leads to more incidents of over-ingestion, especially among kids. People don’t know what they’re getting into until they’ve ingested a brownie or a couple of marijuana cookies. Some consumer advice from an unbiased source would be helpful.

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