You don’t have to live with acne — call Dr. Khuu

Khuu Dermatology

Is acne keeping you from putting your best face forward? Call Dr. Duke Khuu, who can help clear your skin so you can confidently face the world.

While many people associate acne with the teen years, the truth is that it can crop up at any age — and there are a host of effective treatments available for all kinds of acne. A board-certified dermatologist who earned his medical degree from Stanford University, Dr. Khuu will work to identify the root cause of the acne so that it can be tackled effectively with a treatment regimen tailored to your needs. While he has an array of treatment options in his arsenal, Dr. Khuu said that patients need targeted treatments, not necessarily powerful ones.

“It’s not about getting more treatment,” said Dr. Khuu. “It’s about getting the right treatment.”

Banishing acne requires a comprehensive treatment plan that may include any of the following: extraction to clear out clogged pores, a chemical peel to polish the skin, Blu-U light therapy to kill bacteria, laser treatments to remove red acne scars, and oral and/or topical medications to prevent new acne pimples. Dr. Khuu can also offer advice for daily skin care and makeup tips.

A specialist in both medical and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Khuu handles skin cancer diagnosis and excisions and can also help those who suffer from psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo, eczema, itchy skin, hair loss, nail issues, excessive sweating and many other problems. You may not even know what the issue is; only that you’re suffering. Dr. Khuu can diagnose your problem and give you the right treatment to make it stop — which can make a huge difference to your psyche as well as your skin.

“If you look good and feel good, you’re going to be happier,” said Dr. Khuu. “It’s just common sense.”

On the cosmetic side, he offers laser hair removal, treatment of sun spots, stretch marks and scarring, and he uses laser therapy, dermal fillers (like Radiesse and Juvederm) and injectable treatments (like Botox and Dysport) to tighten and rejuvenate skin and help smooth out wrinkles and lines. No matter what brings someone to Dr. Khuu’s office, he consults with each patient to develop a “game plan” — not just for treatment, but for comprehensive, maintainable skin care.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Khuu’s downtown Mountain View office at (650) 969-5488. Dr. Khuu also has an office in San Jose. Most insurance providers are accepted.