Paly streakers frolicking at Sunken Diamond

Sunken Diamond was dark and empty when officers found the five Paly streakers. Photo from wikipedia.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Five naked Palo Alto High School students were stopped and interviewed by Stanford public safety deputies after being spotted streaking through the Sunken Diamond baseball field, police said yesterday (Jan. 4).

The students, two 18-year-old men and three 17-year-old boys, were seen around 11:10 p.m. Wednesday at Klein Field at Sunken Diamond, located at Nelson Road and Sam McDonald Mall on campus.

The bystander who called police wasn’t sure if they were completely naked, Stanford police spokesman Bill Larson said.

It was 52 degrees outside when they were stopped.

A golf cart was in the area, but police weren’t able to confirm if they had used it. Deputies didn’t notice any damage to the baseball field.

None of the students were arrested or cited when deputies found them outside of Sunken Diamond. Deputies took down their information, interviewed and released them.

Streaking has been a scandalous tradition at Paly, which is located across the street from Stanford. Parents and students voiced concerns to Principal Kim Diorio in 2013 that the prank had gotten out of hand. Since then, teachers have credited Diorio with cracking down on naked runs.